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  1. I set 20% for DL & UL and turned congestion control to always on. Maybe it wasn't in affect for my other tests as it was set to auto enable? Anyway this looks pretty good now I think
  2. Here is my bench mark. A big spike in there. Nothing else running at the time
  3. I have over 200fps on a 1440p 240hz monitor and still don't have a smooth experience a lot of the time do to packet burst. It sucks.
  4. Ok, so if I use Ping Assist and set it to 40ms, is it going to take into account the ping in the heat map and look for servers under 40ms there as opposed to ingame ping?
  5. Will do when I get home. One more question, I have my geofiltering circle set around 3 closest servers that are 30-40 ms but my in game ping is usually in the 50s and if I go into the Warzone settings menu while in a game it will be fluctuating 60ms-70ms for example if the in game ping is displaying 50ms. Can you explain what is happening here and why the ingame pings are so much higher than on the ping heat map.
  6. Yes I do. I will give this a look tonight when I get home. Very impressed with your support! I don't think I have ever received such great support from a company.
  7. I have it at 70% for UL and DL and set proirtization for gaming and for my PC to 30 and also added my PC to Traffic Prioritization as a game console as well as have Duma Classified Games enabled there as well. My connection is 350/10 and the only other person typically on the Network would be my wife watching Netflix and maybe the kids watching youtube at the same time so not much bandwidth being used.
  8. I am trying everything I can to get this to stop. So far it has seemed to have improved a lot with Geofiltering and upgrading my modem to a non Intel Puma 6 one. Just wondering if some packet burst is inevitable, or if there are some who never get it.
  9. Does anyone have any ideas? Google suggests Discord has an issue with changing IP addresses but I locked my PCs IP. I did notice the last time my PCs IP changed before I locked it that it displays 2 IP addresses now. and is the one I reserved. Could the 2 IP be the issue? How do I get rid of the second one?
  10. Ok thanks that did it. Gave it a reserve IP and then changed the ports to that IP and I am open again.
  11. So I rebooted the router to see if that would and it changed my PC’s IP address again? This is going to be a pain if I have to deal with this every time my router reboots. On all my old routers it was set it and forget it
  12. My ISP changed my modem from a Puma chip one to an SB8200 but I guess that changed my PC IP from to Ok so no problem right? I just changed the IP for all the ports to but it is still moderate. Any ideas?
  13. Question, why do some servers on the heat map come up as a diamond and have a range of pings? That was my best server this afternoon but now it is showing a range of pings.
  14. Ok so setting to console should work if playing Warzone on PC? filtering Mode toggle button is greyed out for Call of Duty_PC and I can’t toggle it on
  15. I just got an XR1000 and am getting the following message. It works fine if I set it to console. How do I get it to work for PC?0
  16. Here is what my ping plot looks like connected directly to the modem to google.ca. Spikes are from 20ms to 30-35ms
  17. I also currently have a Puma 6 modem and have my internet company coming out to replace it with an Arris CM8200 which contains a Broadcom BCM3390 chipset. I have packet burst, though not all the time, it is enough to be annoying despite having an ingame ping of 35ms and no packetloss. The burst icon is not hardware related, as my frametime graphs are smooth when the packet burst icon appears. Do you think these 2 things will help solve this issue? It was never an issue on the old Vedansk map.
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