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  1. so to do the tftp for the Default Gateway => or the 10.0.0.x
  2. But I’m confused about my IP address when I did the setup for the xr1000 it says that my IP address was updated to 10.0.0.x
  3. I did upload the previous version and it’s working. I don’t know what happened but if you help me to update to the new version using the tftp thank you
  4. I did the reboot and I waited 30 minutes but still not working
  5. i get this "Rapp is not loaded yet, Please try again in a minute"
  6. the problem is the geo-filter map is not loading
  7. i have the same problem with my xr1000 on version and i did ever things rest and reboot but is not loading i did something which is i downgrade the version and ever things works fine .
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