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  1. Yeah I have access to it still just it’s a sagemcom cs50001 talk talk router. Was fine until 3 days ago the same time every night would all stop working until a factory reset was done
  2. I lose connection it says wan disconnected but in the connections table it says connected. Been happening the last 3 nights. I can fix it by factory reset and then plug into laptop but I can’t do this every night it happens how do I fix it. Tia
  3. Yeah changed it to a spare one I had at home the one in the box that come with it didn’t work which is fine I’ve got it working now. So simple of me 😂😂😂but thank you
  4. It says full duplex for about 10 seconds and then goes to disconnected
  5. Yeah in the setup wizard. Tried what you said and still no luck
  6. Received my router yesterday and followed the video on YouTube. It won’t pick up my talk talk internet although it’s plugged into the router for talk talk. Gone from a asus router to netduma and had no problem setting that up but it won’t work setting up the netduma. Any help will be greatly appreciated
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