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    PAUL7 reacted to Netduma Fraser in Netduma upgrade (v 1.03.6j - Original Firmware)   
    If you are on 1.03.6j then NEVER downgrade your router as you WILL brick the router. You will automatically be on 1.03.6j if you ordered on or after 20/11/2017. 1.03.6j does not have any new features over 1.03.6g/h/i.
    Please follow all instructions very carefully.
    If you are on a version lower than 1.03.5m please do not upgrade yet. If you are on 1.03.6h/i/j YOU DO NOT NEED TO UPGRADE. You are on the latest version. The only difference between g & h is an updated EULA. There is no feature difference.

    To check the version you are on, scroll to the bottom of any page on your Netduma router's interface. If you choose to upgrade without contacting us you could completely break your router. You will then need to pay for the router to be returned to our office in the UK and then sent back to your home. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO UPGRADE BY DOING EACH UPGRADE IN SEQUENCE (NB: the reason for charging you for this potential return is we have not charged for any upgrades (because we love our user community) but we cannot be penalised for people not reading clear instructions).
    Instead, comment here saying you are on an older version than 1.03.5 and have remote support ticked (found in >settings >miscellaneous) and that you want to upgrade. We will then access your router and change settings so you can download the upgrade safely. Once we have told you it is safe to upgrade DO NOT REBOOT BEFORE UPGRADING.  
    1. Upgrade Instructions
    Download the upgrade here Go to the Upgrade section on the Netduma interface Choose Advanced Ensure preserve settings & check version are ticked. Click browse & navigate to where you downloaded the upgrade file and click open. Click upgrade, it will take around 3 minutes. Please do not unplug the router during this time. If you are wired to your computer or connected via Wifi (and won't automatically connect to another Wifi name) you will be taken to the home interface screen when the upgrade has been completed. If the rare event that you get an error message please contact us and do not turn off the router. Do not worry, it just requires some help from our team. If you already have the beta version (1.03.6g) you do not need to upgrade. If you have purchased the router after June 1st you will have version 1.03.6h, DO NOT DOWNGRADE TO .6g! .6h doesn't have any new features.
    2. Geo-filter Changes
    If you are a Halo 5 Xbox player there is now a new service to select "Halo 5" please use this if you are going to play the game. Otherwise use the standard service as usual.  "Enable/disable" button is now a check box, so ensure it is checked to be sure it is on. Low Resolution Map check box is for browsers such as Safari that don't render the state/country lines and further detail correctly. Ticking this will remove them so it will work for those browsers. You can now Temporarily Ban a dedicated server. Clicking on a dedicated server on the map will bring up the host descriptor box as usual. A "Temp Ban" button will now be available. Once clicking this you will be given a warning as banning it whilst you're in a game WILL kick you from the game. You can remove your bans by clicking the "refresh icon" that is the last red button on the right under Low Resolution Map.  Please note, the dedicated servers will stay banned for 5 minutes or until you click the refresh icon.
    You may block a dedicated server and notice you still get a game in the same location. This is because there are clusters of dedicated servers in the same location. 
    3. Congestion Control
    Device prioritisation has been split into two tabs "Upload" and "Download" so you can prioritise devices by just upload/download or a device by both at the same time.  Hyper Traffic, this means you can prioritise your gaming device, so that it will bypass everything in your home and packets will go out/come in first no matter what other devices in your home are doing. Resulting in very little jitter/ping increases. Do not use this for high traffic situations such as downloading torrents. 4. Profiles
    Load Profile:
    This page is used to load the profiles you have on the router. It comes with pre set profiles we have made. These are built in and cannot be deleted - you do not have to use them.  You can choose the profile you want to load, if you have extra profiles that have been imported/created by you they will be in the list. You are able to select the settings you do/do not want to load from the profile.  If a setting is greyed out this means those settings were not included in the profile so you can not select/deselect them. Please note a profile may take a few minutes to load, it will let you know once it's done.
    Manage Profiles:
    You can see the profiles available on your router. You can import profiles if you have been sent one by someone else. A box will pop up prompting you to select the file, it will be a .json file you'll need. You can export profiles that you have made which will then automatically download a .json file. You can then share this with friends/other duma users for them to import onto their router. You can delete profiles that you have made or imported - Please note you cannot delete the default profiles that appear on the router from the NETDUMA team. Save Current Settings:
    What ever settings you have at the time will be the ones that are saved. You can give your profile a name e.g. Fraser - Amazing BO3 Profile, credit yourself as the creator and give a little description of the profile. You can then choose the specific settings you want to be included in your profile. You can turn off any of the options listed if you do not want it included. Please note some settings may not be best on the persons router that is importing due to location, speeds etc. Once you have save your profile go back to Manage Profiles. Your newly created profile will now be available at the bottom of the list. You can then choose to Export this profile if you want to share it with others or delete it completely.  Auto Speed Setup:
    In bandwidth settings upon inputting your speed you will be asked if you want the router to update the settings according to your speeds.
    Final Note: 
    This upgrade will provide you with lots more options than previously to enable you to tweak your settings and get the best out of your router. 
    There are lots of other small things you will notice, more tours, increased feedback when saving options etc. 
    Change log:
    Implemented profiles. Implemented temporary server ban. Implemented hyper traffic lane. Improved backend device prioritisation system. Fixed device prioritisation bug with turbo mode. Created more user tours. Decoupled download and upload device prioritisation. Updated UI to consistently notify user with dialog boxes. Implemented generic dialog for better user input and error handling. Added scroll bar to GF service selection for multi-device homes. Fixed bottom page scrolling bug in misc section. Implemented loading screen for misc & other pages as confusing otherwise. Implemented auto-setup when user sets bandwidth. Moved Geo-Filer enable to checkbox and added loading screen. Removed unsupported Wireless mode from menu. Fixed ping-assist for PPPoE connections. Cleaned up missing page titles and favicons. Added service for Halo 5. Updated upgrade page including link to wiki with latest firmware. Intro tour automatically updates speed settings for user. Warn user that congestion control is disabled when super turbo is enabled. Updated wifi-workaround & bleeding edge factory reset parameters. Updated default speed to 100/10 it's 2016! Removed internal log output from wan and lan.sh. Fixed WAN update bugs. Implemented more tours and added logic to handle loading sequences. Allow double quotes in device names. Wait for firewall locking instead of error. Bidirectional port selection for Geo-Filter and Hyper-Lane. Fixed blurred text on Ubuntu Chrome. Implemented click-wrap EULA for future customers. Toggle level of detail for Geo-Filter map for slower devices. Fixed delete device operation with reserved IP bug. Full device service cleanup on delete. Updated the Intro tour to demo profiles and cookies. Added sub-loading screen for cloud on misc for faster page loading. Reload Geo-Filter after applying any firewall/network settings. Fixed minor init bug. Some additional notes that will be helpful:
    Temp server ban lasts 5 minutes.  This is not forever, or else you will eventually have nothing to connect to for gaming.    Temp Ban will ban one dedicated host, but there may be others in the machine rack that are also hosting games.  Don't panic, this is normal. UNDO Temp Ban.  It's the square to the right with the two circles, this will release your previously banned dedis.  Yes, this will also release the one you just banned. Don't have Hyper Lane enabled when you are going to download a large update patch.    Click to show/hide change log and more information on Firmware content
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