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  1. The previous tests were with QoS enabled and no Orbi. These are with it disabled and no Orbi:
  2. The Orbi is connected directly to the R2 and there's nothing hardwired to the the Orbi (everything hardwired is connected to the R2). The 341.64 mb is with the Orbi connected and the 681.07 is without.
  3. This doesn't make any sense; if that theory is true these results are backwards. Both tests are one after the other with no Orbi.
  4. I suppose it's possible, but nobody is using the internet when I test. Not sure how that'd be.
  5. I am away from my network for a couple days, but can when I get back. The Orbi is after the NetDuma; if that helps.
  6. For some reason this differs. I turned off what you asked and tested and got this: I then rebooted and tested and got this: I turned back on the items and rebooted.
  7. NETGEAR Nighthawk Cable Modem CM1200 Everything is plugged into the R2 or the Orbi.
  8. FYI, I am not 100% sure I have this set up correctly. I followed instructions from 2 or 3 YouTube videos. As far as gaming on my Xbox Series X, it seems to work nicely...
  9. I had to change it back to what is now pictured; when I let it tune it after doing it's tests it it changed it to 410 down and 63.4 up (Auto Setup). Here's the speed test after changing it back to 1000mb:
  10. I am not seeing it in there. Can you tell me where to find it please.
  11. What do you mean; set for your speed? Do you mean what I told the R2 my internet speed is? If that's what you're talking about; I am 99% I set it to 1000mb. Is there a way of confirming? I can't seem to find it.
  12. That was with QoS turned back on and the settings that it suggested after running the test a few times. Here's the test with QoS disabled:
  13. That was hardwired directly to the Netduma using speedtest.net. Here's the results of the Connection Benchmark test.
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