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  1. Don’t know how to do factory reset on this router
  2. When I try putting my ping assistant back on I get this error code
  3. Now it works I think WTF ? I’ve never been so confused in my life
  4. Just so you can see what I’m seeing very confusing as soon as load up D2 on Xbox one X it works
  5. This when I’m look for a game and don’t know if it help or not but I put my ping assistant to 0 because I thought it would help I normally have at or a little higher then what my ping normally is
  6. Everything looks right also why would Geo filter work for my Xbox one x on WiFi but not work for Xbox series X that wired that’s very confusing
  7. Yes if Resync the cloud means flushing the cloud
  8. Nothing changed and all my settings stayed?
  9. When you say Resync the cloud do you mean Flush Cloud or close the interface and reopen it ?
  10. O sorry I was just saying I have auto ping on, the Geo filter isn’t work because I loaded in a game and get no info and I don’t think my settings are working ether, this me in a game no info so incredibly confused
  11. Geo filter isn’t working on my Xbox series X but it works on my Xbox one X with auto ping any idea I’m confused and tried it in two different games all it does is show this severe and it doesn’t show ant information on auto ping
  12. Nvm after the 10 billionth times of put in my info it worked
  13. Before I flushed it then I looked up the massage I saw and found a past form post with the same problem and router it said flush so I did and it worked instantly
  14. Update just Flushed the Cloud and now Geo Filter
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