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  1. Done! Thx for your help. Cant wait to get a new one and finally start using it. After reading so many good things about this router. Its a shame that this one did not work properly
  2. It didnt worked... also my wifi is not working since i recieved the r2...
  3. Nothing worked... it always keeps getting mi isp router id, there must be a dhcp problem because i can not conect to the interface
  4. I did that about 30 times since yesterday. I left the r2 all night unplugged and did everything again. There is no wifi lights turning on and via ethernet cable i can not acces the interface.
  5. Liam told me to get into cmd and do a ipconfig. I get the ip from my isp ( i disconected the wan cable and rebooted my R2 and then i get a diferent ip (
  6. Hi Fraser, i send some mails to Liam. As i told him. I can not get into the interface. Could i get in touch via phone or whatsapp with some of you guys?
  7. Gracias por la respuesta. Lo he hecho ya todo!! No hay manera dE que funcione, me he leido el foro completo y no consigo solucionarlo 😭😭
  8. Lo tienes ya conectado Y funcionando? deberias de entrar en y allí usar el instalador.
  9. Good morning. No, i has no answer till now. Looking forward to get this solved asap
  10. I got my duma r2 today and did almost all ive seen in the forum. In unable to access the router ( i tried everything from the quick setup to lots of steps from the forum. Neither the 2,4ghz light or 5ghz light turn on. Im sitting here nearly 7 hours and cant get this working😭
  11. Es imposible hacerlo funcionar. No consigo que se enciendan las luces del 2.4ghz ni la del 5ghz. No me deja acceder al router ( Mañana lo envio de vuelta. Creo que el router esta defectuoso
  12. Buenas tardes. Hoy por fin me llegó el Netduma R2. Hago todo como dice en el quick setup pero a mi netduma solo se le enciende la luz del power y la del internet como la del puerto LAN 1 (ps4) parpdea y despues de un rato se quita y vuelve a parpadear. No se me encienden las luces de 2.5g ni la de 5g. De hecho nisiquiera me sale en red wifi del movil o del pc. Algun truco?? saludos
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