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  1. Are you being serious? We have a solution and it's available.
  2. This is what I am talking about. Obviously they wouldn't copy specific items to your own network. However, block or allow has to be stored somewhere, why not make it something that can be saved/shared.
  3. Geo-Filtering no longer works with Destiny 2 because of the change from p2p to SDR. Yes, blocking to filter. We had about 255 servers blocked and started running into issues with servers becoming unblocked and others unable to interact with. Testers are now resetting their routers to factory settings. Planning on naming the servers blocked this time to make sure things aren't coming undone. Would still love an answer regarding a limit. Appreciate the help.
  4. Hey Liam, quick question. IS there a limit to the number of blocks per device in geo-filter? Up to around 200 or maybe more and running into issues where previously blocked servers/relays/IP's are unblocked or can't interact with them any longer.
  5. It would also be highly useful to Admins of small to large companies. Setup one system to your specifics and then you don't have to take 30 min to multiple hours setting up other machines...You just save your config file and distribute it to your other machines.
  6. Yes, I am qualified to make that statement; you are quite clearly delusional, likely suffering from some family issues (we all have them am I right?), are overly sensitive, highly emotional, and seem to take things far too personally. Perhaps it all stems from being cooped up for too long (like the people rioting and looting) or it could be the lack of a strong father figure in your life. I don't know; I'm not your doctor or therapist. I seriously think you need some help. To go through all of this in an attempt to get attention from strangers online seems quite desperate. Then there's the fact that you have the strong desire to have the last word on any given thing. Lastly, there's the lying. Lying is a HUGE red flag... I hope you get the mental help you need, I really do. Oh, and there most definitely is a "best country". Good luck sweetheart.
  7. I busted out laughing on the first video where you showed his comment about not having success...As you pan to your screens showing success. Quality content sir. 10/10 would watch again.
  8. Kid just wants attention. He cries about words and takes everything personal. Poor kid probably has issues in the family or something sad...Just let him beg for attention and lie on his own. In a few days no one will remember him or what he was about. Will be like Biden lying about the 2nd amendment and then losing his thoughts...as he drifts off into fantasy land.
  9. So glad we had that "cover story" in place to protect the man from all the random incels on the internet...Again, shush.
  10. Hey Saint, remember when I said that in the private chat and y'all laughed cause you thought I meant to put it in gen chat? I said I wanted to see how long it would take to leak out. Well, now we know. LOL.
  11. This is my last interaction with you kid. I highly doubt the duma team wants your drama here. Though it may be an amusing temporary distraction from their end of day work; I a mquite sure it isn't helpful. You're a drama queen. You came here claiming you had a new working method. You recorded a trashy vid showing nothing and shared it with 2 or 3 people. One of those people spoke up about it to let the others know that it wasn't a video of you explaining anything. Your feelings got hurt and you said because of that, you weren't going to share your method any longer. At this point I was still being polite to you and treating you with respect, even though you hadn't responded to my DM or my posts talking to you. Saint started offering his Discord to use for discussing the issue at hand. I wasn't about it at first because I know I am mouthy and figured I'd get banned. I tried to keep the convo going here where I shared MANY ideas and where you shared nothing but your emotions and attention seeking. You haven't helped anyone. You haven't offered any ideas regarding using IPv6 over IPv4, or blocking certain servers, or test results where you tracked where traffic was going...You showed up pretending that changing your DNS server would somehow do something magical, and then talking about anchors; which we had already discussed days before you posted your BS. You have the chat logs sweetheart? You have these in the open chat where YOU posted your "new" method? Shut up and sit down. Also, as you figure out what to say on your next reply...just stop kid. Stop. Enough is enough. Here's some receipts for you....
  12. Had this idea with with a fellow dumaOS user in our Discord a few min ago. In short, it would REALLY be epic if there were a "Save Settings" system in place along with a "Share Settings". This Share Settings could create a small config file that we could share with others. In this file would have EVERYTHING we have done, from blocking certain IP's, to configuring geo-filtering, on ones dumaOS. I say everything but obviously not a persons VPN account login info or things like that. If we could share our configs with others, and all they had to do was load said config to have our exact settings...Well, this would make things SO MUCH FASTER.
  13. Here you go sweetheart... Join our discord and be a part of the solution instead of crying on here about big fish in a small pond keeping some method hidden (even though I personally was teaching people how to do it days before you made this post. vnWt9skR
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