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  1. How is the latest duma os working with ps4 in general, are people happy with it?
  2. Basically should I upgrade my latest R1 firmware to the Duma OS firmware. I did upgrade when Duma OS originally rolled out but couldn't get on with it due to vpn issues. Having a bit more time at home at the moment has made me think about tinkering a little but should I? Just wondered about other users thoughts, cheers in advance.
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  4. Cheers for that Jack, wife needs VPN for work purposes, better downgrade or i'll be in the doghouse!!!!! Any ideas on how long for the Hybrid VPN? I have had issues with having to un-check settings on R1 for vpn to work, a tutorial or any info would be great. Vpn's are a mystery to me, i'm a simple tradesman!!!!!
  5. Hi, I've update to the DumaOS Beta and vpn will not connect, is there setting to change or should I back date to last firmware on R1 to be able to connect?
  6. updated without any issues, cheers all at netduma
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