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  1. Dallas, Texas server IP ADDRESS:
  2. How is call of duty not a DUMAOS CLASSIFIED game. This should be one of the games that Netduma prioritize the traffic.
  3. I have my nighhawk xr1000 hooked up directly to the ethernet cable out the wall. I have 1gb fiber. when i run a speed test i only get about 300-400mbps. Any help with this?
  4. I just put geo filter over all the servers that’s gives me 14 ping. I’m going to see how that works for me.
  5. i have another question. is there a way I can manually add a server to my allowed list. If I go to my ping heat map and slick on the server that i have good connection to can i manually add it my allowed list somehow?
  6. i am based in new orleans but even when i put multiple servers on at a time it still takes very very long. I have tried that.
  7. I have filtering mode on, ping assist to 0, strict mode on , auto ping host on. I just don’t know what else I can do. I reset the router, exit out the game it’ll find a game every now and then but after that it’s just be searching forever. My NAT type is OPEN so that should be a problem either. Please help me out I’ve spent to much money on this router.
  8. Can anyone help me out please. I am using the XR1000 for warzone and i have my geofilter set but it takes so long to put mw in a game. any fix for this? Even with the geofilter set and on filterig mode it tries to connect to servers outside the geofence I have set.
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