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  1. I was playing cold war on my brothers ps4 and i instantly noticed how much better his hit detection was compared to me (pc). i tried using the same internet same servers as him so the ping was same, even tried using his ethernet cable, however his just felt way better. only difference i could detect was that my bandwidth in game was 4059 and his was around 2200ish. we both had moderate. how can this be explained
  2. i only use my pc through my xr
  3. i play scrims in custom games and get around 40 to 30 ping but i get bad bullet reg. its inconsistent, maybe 1/5 maps i get good reg. is there an explanation to this. im the only one using the internet
  4. can someone please explain this to me. im on cold war (pc)
  5. when i do a speedtest i get 100/20. i really struggle to get decent/good bullet reg on cod cold war (pc). ive tried using the traffic prioratisor (1-65535 3074-3074) i got really good bullet reg on my first few games but then it went back to really bad. i dont know what to do
  6. how do i fit all these ports 3074,27014-27050 UDP: 3074,3478,4379-4380,27000-27031,27036 into the distination?
  7. im still not decided on which ports i should use for port and distination. can you give me the best one
  8. do u recommend using anti buffer bloat on 70%
  9. how can you judge which one will work best for you? is there a number to look at
  10. i want to prioritise traffic to call of duty cold war on my pc. what do u put in source port and distination port exactly
  11. i want to priotise traffic to call of duty cold war on pc. what do i put in source port and distination port
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