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  1. When I click on the WAN setting, IPV6-wan and IPV6 lab are both disabled.
  2. Thanks unfortunately I can’t get past the screen that asks about the bandwidth speed. When I click next nothing happens
  3. I am wired to the R2 and can’t connect. Impossible to change the password because I can’t access the settings on the R2. I’m pretty sure this is a bad unit smh
  4. I just power cycled the modem 3 times and still no change. When I click “retry”, it says could not detect an internet connection. My laptop says I’m connected to the netduma r2 and I have internet access but when I load page it says I have no internet. I don’t know what else to do. Also, when I factory reset the R2, the factory password on the router doesn’t work. Not sure if the accidentally set the reset password as something else.
  5. It is a modem only. The router is separate. Thank you.
  6. There’s another person that received an R2 this week with the same issue. Could this be a bad batch of routers?
  7. I have the same issue and have spent hours trying to fix it. I’m wondering if this is a bad batch? I just got mine on March 6th.
  8. I reset it and now the password changed to something something else different from the password on the the router. I believe this is a manufacture mistake. It says password is wrong. When I opened the box the password on the router was correct but I have no idea what it reset to now.
  9. I unplugged it, waited a minute, and still says “could not detect an internet connection”😞. Also, since I factory reset it, the wifi password says it’s incorrect. What’s the factory reset password? Thank you
  10. I just tried that and no luck yet. Now my laptop says I have internet access but I still can’t access the router settings using the dumaos/ or I can’t access the internet either.
  11. I just received it in mail and I can not connect to the internet:( I made a thread please help! Thank you
  12. Just opened and plugged in the router and connect register the router. I contacted my internet service (spectrum) and they said everything is working fine which it is with my old router. I have tried factory resetting the router, unplugging it, trying to click “WAN Setup” and skip to access router with no luck. I wired connected the router to laptop but it says dns server not responding. Seems internet is going to the router but not releasing it. Please help. Thank you
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