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  1. ah I see. Only after a reboot can I get to the console. Can I send the two routers back to you guys? yes, sending the order # details shortly, thanks.
  2. good morning Liam, Just the PC. I do have my PS4 connected (the white ethernet in the vid) but I rarely use it nowadays. My PC is what I use for work, games, stream, and is pretty much my daily driver. Back when this was my main and my ASUS was my AP, everything in the house would lose connection from wireless devices, hardwired PC's, even my security system (cameras, motion sensors, doorbell cams). At the very least, right now it's just my pc but I'm looking to get the full benefit of the software's capabilities at some point for gaming. I don't see any visible damages to it nor did I see anything in the packaging but I cannot attest to how the shipping company handled it. Perhaps it's hardware? Is there a log I can pull from the router that I can provide to you that may help?
  3. Good evening all, I just lost connection today on my PC. I've verified that all other devices (connected on my ASUS router) are not affected. I've already put it on stilts to open up the bottom exhaust and avoid any overheating, my ambient temps here in my room is 20c, it's also not close to any device or direct sunlight to cause further heating issues. What other steps do I need to do/avoid to stop my router from disconnecting? video-output-6EB6D824-D295-496E-BF3C-2FA82AA8AF22.mov
  4. Good morning Fraser, we get to high 30's and mid 40's here in Vegas. Yes the bottom does feel warm as well as the surface it's currently situated (softwood desk). The area it was previously at though was a mesh bench. I've added some silicone feet to keep more elevated.
  5. Good morning Liam, Thank you for responding to my late message. No, everything Wi-Fi is handled by my ASUS. I had this set-up back in April (After the 2nd disconnection) in the hopes of alleviating some of the workload from my R2. My original setup prior to yesterday's switch was Modem > R2 (DHCP) > ASUS (Wi-Fi/accesspoint).
  6. Hello Fraser, I experienced a network drop on my pc not too long ago. I checked to see if the devices that are connected to my ASUS are working and they are. Attached is a video of what I'm experiencing. video-output-30206E23-316B-443A-9CB7-278A9BC8AB32.mov
  7. I switched my current setup. It is now Modem > ASUS > R1 (as an access point) > PC. All other devices are connected wirelessly on the ASUS 2Ghz/5Ghz. I'll let you know how this goes.
  8. that I have not tried. Thanks for the quick response, Fraser!
  9. the issue happened again today while I was in a work meeting. I missed restarting the router over the weekend. I got into a call with my ISP to check my modem connectivity and issues in my area and there were no identifiable issues found. I'm swapping out with my other ASUS router.
  10. Hello Fraser, My ISP provided info on this, so my IP lease is dynamic which is standard for residential network connections. They also noted that they cannot extend the lease. At this point, I will swap out my R2 with my old ASUS router and see if the issue persists. If it does, I will buy a new modem. Hopefully either one fixes it. At the very least, I know that my wiring isn't bad because I had it rewired and tested by my ISP so I know that's out of the equation.
  11. I tried to find it on my ISP's website/account and couldn't determine how it's handled. Checked my modem and it's not posted their either. Any other area I can check?
  12. Hello Fraser, My internet went out today, roughly 10 minutes ago. It also went out last week but I don't believe it was the router since it was persistent even after the modem was restarted. Today though I think it is the router. I tried to get into the console but it was not letting me so I had to re-plug it from the outlet and it reconnected after 10 seconds.
  13. ok. I already had my pool range set to 100-200 but I'll do the IP reservation, I reserved 2-33 in this case.
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