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  1. like this? it never actually tells me which ones im allowing
  2. usually it doesn't connect I'm just on my regular servers
  3. no im not im playing on my regular servers
  4. my geo filter doesn't actually do anything while in game i still play on my normal servers and my ping doesn't move which shows it doesn't work
  5. im curious to ask why is it doing this now all of the sudden it never did this before
  6. i only have a pc to try this on wired my modem model number is a tm1602a arris modem and how can i allow them because it never made me allow them before
  7. I recently got my netduma r2 router about 10 days ago and it hasn't been really smooth my routers internet would randomly shut off and i would have to wait 10 minutes for it to come back and it happens frequently (over 4 times now) Also just 2 days ago when I want to play warzone with the filter on my friends cant join but when its off its fine. It just started doing this recently I don't know why
  8. this is happening to me too all the sudden too man
  9. is there like a video or something on how to do this because I don't know how
  10. this happened to me while i was in a game and it does it almost every day the internet would randomly shut up
  11. My netduma internet randomly shuts off then i have to reset id have to give it a 4/10
  12. my internet randomly shuts then i have to reset netduma
  13. it messes me up because i need internet for important things
  14. it still does a daily reset and internet shuts off
  15. the lights and stuff were blinking and what not but the internet went out then I had to reboot and wait about 12 minutes
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