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  1. Do a ping heatmap. There is no server in Egypt. Closest is SA or Italy/Spain (when online, not always).
  2. Use filter mode on, make a draw around the server you want to play on and put ping assist on 0.
  3. Looks like you have ping assist on. Make a filter above the server you want and put ping assist on 0.
  4. Follow these steps in the EXACT order and it works. I had this before and did the following steps in order and got it to work. Quit Warzone/Blizzard completely - including from the System tray Remove device from the Geo-Filter Remove any set radius/polygon. In Device Manager give the PC a PlayStation device type and apply Re-add the device to the Geo-Filter and select the manual option In Geo-Filter Map options untick fast search Resync the cloud Set up your radius how you like - keep Ping Assist on 0 Wait 2 minutes Boot up the game
  5. If you are looking for best ping servers, remove the geo filter from Europe then. Alot more options in USA and SA for you to get lower ping.
  6. Close down your console or close the client from your task manager on your PC. Set up your Geo-filter and then wait two minutes. Then boot up your console or client on your PC and it should work fine.
  7. Using the router daily for months, no shadowban. It has to do with something different fishy you are doing, but not Netduma.
  8. You got a 1.3 KD so it seems right you get platinums and diamonds as lobby. I dont see why you should be in bronze or even would want to? The SBMM is fine and keeps the game fun for all people. Because the guys with 0.3kd in bronze would not have a good time if you stomped on them with your 1.3kd.
  9. Whenever they try to join your party a “blocked player” icon will pop up on your geo filter. Click on this, give it a name and allow it.
  10. Hey man! You got ping assist on. Put Pint assist on 0 and make sure you dont have the French server in your area. Searching will take longer tho’
  11. Hey man, I also try and connect to the Spanish server and this only happens during peak hours and in the weekend every now and then. Good luck!
  12. Hey man, It's a known thing the Spain server is not always online. It only is online whenever it hits peak hours. Try the French servers. They are alway online!
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