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  1. The instructions on the R2 tell you to connect it to your primary modem provided by your ISP. This because you can't work with VLAN yet on the R2 and in my case i could not work without my modem by the ISP.
  2. I seen a post of august 2020 about it yeah. Any updates since been 6 months?
  3. Hello, Is it possible to work with VLAN on the Netduma R2? Could not find anything about it in the guide/knowledge base. Thanks in advance!
  4. He wants to connect to a different server for SBMM but it's not showing up. Hence the question, doubt it will even work tho.
  5. Turn filtering mode off, set up VPN and then connect to a server. Can you see what server you are connecting to?
  6. Hello Welshandy, There is no way of forcing yourself into lower skilled lobbys with dumaOs and VPN. It all depends on your KD, people online, time of location ect. The only things that MIGHT help it a bit, but not worth it imo because of ping, you could force yourself into a lobby in the middle of the night across the world. But you have a 200+ ping, so not worth it.
  7. Set PING assist to 0. Because you have it on 200 it will connect to servers outside the area you set.
  8. Geo-filter should be enough. Do you have it set to a max ping that it might not reach because the servers are in the US and you are from the UK? Try it with ping assist on (like 20-30) and see what works.
  9. Hey Fraser, Thanks once again. Is it possible to see whenever i get the router, just start the game up without any filter and see what server it connects to ingame? This so i can make a list of servers i get good ping on nearby me. Or do i have to block all servers and test one by one? Or can i see what server the game puts me in whenever i dont use a geofilter? Thanks!
  10. Hey Fraser, Thanks for the quick question. I also got two devices (apple ports) in my house that i use to get WiFi in my home. If i use Geofilter on the Netduma it does not affect those Apple Ports in my house right? I can set it do Warzone only i think? Just getting facts straight so when i get it, i can set it up! Thanks!
  11. Ah no problem, was just wondering. Hoping to get it soon then!
  12. I have a Netduma R2 in pre-order. If i want to use a VPN and the geofilter location on my PC to play Warzone. Can i set up the Geo-filter in the DUMA OS and just run express VPN on the PC itself? Or does the VPN need to run in the DUMA OS? I only need the VPN for the PC i play on. Thanks!
  13. Hello, A few days back i put in a pre-order for the Netduma R2. I tried to find the expected delivery date (end of february) but someone said i should have got a e-mail explaining the situation. I did not recieve this e-mail after the order. Anyone got more information about the situation? Thanks in advance! Darren
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