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  1. ya i did that and i have nothing coming up on my blocked list.
  2. sorry for all the questions. I am having problem now with discord. I am getting the RTC connecting no route thing when try to start a voice chat. Is there a setting that needs to be changed for that also?
  3. got it works. THANK YOU!!! Also one more quick question. When you are host for your friends for a game will they get the same ping as you or it will just be relevant to there connection at home.
  4. Can i use my xbox one? what do you mean by playstation Device type
  5. I am on pc FYI and have a direct ethernet cord from the router to my computer
  6. hi so i just bought the r2 myself. i was just wondering if i actually set it up correctly. I was just playing around and going to different regions but i saw no spike in my ping in game. It was always at like 17-20 which is good dont get me wrong. However on my heatmap there is a couple under 10 and i tried going to a different country to see it would spike and it did not. Also would my Geographical Region change in game on my warzone account. I am from Chicago and it is always saying im still in that region. Im happy to get this rolling the right way Thanks
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