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  1. On and off sometimes still pair me with severs out of my geofilter, I don't know why also I needed to add my friends to the list so I can play with them, since they are out of the my geofilter selection, I try to reboot the router before I start playing.
  2. I did a factory reset, it doesn't crash anymore I re added the Geo-Filter and it's working better but sometimes still send me to severs where I live (suppose to be blocked), what I been doing its to block this severs manually when I connect and I see the location I put deny
  3. No but I can't turn off geo filter and it will take 10-15 minutes to go back to normal, it's like the router interface crashes
  4. any idea why the router software keep crashing everything i try to turn off the filter or on. it will crash the website.
  5. I installed the router it ask me for firmware upgrade witch I did and that's pretty much what I did setup the wireless and follow your steps for the geo filter, I brought this router because I have friends from other country and we just want to play in NA east- or middle east for the sake of their ping but hmm Idk what else to do.
  6. everything its defaults as the router came only changes i made was swtiching the device to playstion and doing the GEO-filter with the settings you told me !
  7. i try doing this just now 1.turn on the pc 2.remove the device 3.device manager switched the pc to playstation 4.re added the device in geo filter with manual option 5.flushed the cloud 6.set the ratio and 0 ping assis 7.waited like 5 minutes i was drinking coffe 8.Booted the game and battly royale solo game. 9.No Luck!!
  8. XR1000 i switch my pc to console mode on device manager ps4 or xbox in geo filter i added my computer after switch it to ps4 and either auto or manually i select call of duty pc shows a msg is not supported for that game i try the call of duty with out PC when i log in it would show. the servers as soon i get in the game everything will disapear and it will send me to cali servers hmm i dont know what im doing wrong maybe you guys can help me out show when is finding my profile as soon i go in the lobby eveything disappears
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