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    mitchellc756 got a reaction from TODDzillaInLA in How to set Express VPN to get Bot Lobbies in Warzone?   
    I’ve played Brazil and Japan servers for shits n’ gigs and no packet loss with 210+ ping. I’ve called my ISP before; they do a “line check” on my lines over the phone and it’s always good hahaha. I’ll shoot them a call and say I’m fed up with paying for their top package and not getting the service I should. 
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    mitchellc756 got a reaction from Lolitahell in Anyone struggling to find a game?   
    I haven't been able to use the geo-filter since the Warzone season 2 update but I turn it off and change my location on the hybrid VPN and I find a game very fast. It seems like Activision is trying to counteract methods to get around SBMM. 
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    mitchellc756 reacted to Alex49H in Traffic prortization please read   
    Ask all the questions you want my friend. Yes leave UPNP enabled. It’s the best way to get an Open NAT. 
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    mitchellc756 got a reaction from Alex49H in Traffic prortization please read   
    Thanks for the response. I did play with your udp prioritization that Fraser recommended as well as a tcp prioritization another member said with duma classified games off. The games I played, I actually experienced less latency spikes. I normally get those orange boxes on my screen continuously every 30 seconds or so. It’s just so difficult to know if it’s the status of the servers were good for that time or if the settings helped. I’ll keep experimenting. One more question if you don’t mind...
    If I’m prioritizing the ranges on QOS should I also be port forwarding those other ports in network settings(UDP 3074, 3078-3079, and TCP 1935,3478-3480)? 
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    mitchellc756 reacted to Netduma Fraser in Geo Filter for WarZone   
    Is 39-50 what you're seeing in game? If so that is expected as the game includes things like processing delay into their calculation which can reflect how under load that server is.
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    mitchellc756 reacted to johnnytran in Traffic prortization please read   
    My suggestion is try everything that's been mentioned on this thread and stick with what works for you. What might be good for one person might not be for the next e.g. people here prefer manually prioritising the ports but this hasn't worked for me at all.
    What I found best for my connection (FTTP) is to prioritise my PS4 as games console and also switch on duma classified games. They both do the same thing and I'd probably get the same result switching just one of them on but I've had some great ones with both on so I leave it like that. I haven't tried throttling bandwidth and disabling share excess yet but it might be something i'll try when I start getting crap games.
    Also you will still have games where you feel a second behind some people, usually they have some dodgy connection going on and are hard to kill. There's nothing you can do about them. I used to block the servers I'd come across these people and keep track of the IP addresses, but after factory resetting and losing all my severs I later found some of those servers gave me a good connection, it was just the players I was vs at that time had the packetburst symbols etc and were hard to kill.
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    mitchellc756 reacted to Ozymandias_ in Warzone and MW "Packet Burst" Fix? Anyone?   
    I have this same exact issue and have had it since I've started playing the game, it occurs for me on PS4 Pro and Xbox Series X. My PS5 will be here today or tomorrow and I will test it there as well but my expectation is that it will still persist. 
    I work in IT / Cloud so I've done a TON of experimenting with different things in order to see what helps and what doesn't because up until I got the R2, my CoD WZ experience was complete TRASH. Now after getting the R2, my K/D has risen nearly .1 points (doesn't sound like a lot but I play a lot, so it takes time) and I have already doubled my amount of wins in less than a month than I had previously since starting the game. I don't have a 100% pure fix but here are some things that helped me personally, not a one size fits all and I still see the symbols but the in game impact is negligible as I still get kills quickly most of the time. 
    - Location - I live on US East coast, however I play on west coast servers (Seattle has the best performance for me and have at least 3 or 4 wins on those servers). There are servers much closer to me but the in game performance is not as good.
    - QoS / Congestion Control - Limit your connection as much as possible while still keeping your internet functional. I have 900 Mb down / 40 Mb up - using congestion control if I limit my entire network to say 1% of that (9 Mb down / .4 Mb up), in game pings reach 30 ms - 40 ms sometimes which is unheard of for me. You can of course manually limit the device that you're gaming on using the bandwidth allocation and turn off excess sharing. 
    - Traffic Prio - still experimenting with this some but right now I'm having good results with source TCP/UDP 3074 & dest 1-65535.
    For me, the biggest concern is hit reg and TTk - with these settings above last night had a trios win with 11 kills. Not bragging at all - just saying this to say that this router and settings have made this game much more enjoyable and finally fair to play. Whereas before I knew that something was off and playing against a stacked deck where nothing is on your side is not fun. 
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    mitchellc756 reacted to Netduma Liam in Add device, Geo-filter   
    Good advice above guys.
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    mitchellc756 reacted to titofuenla in Add device, Geo-filter   
    As Flemming told you, the first thing to find out is the Mac of your PS5, then go to the R2 tab where it says device manager, click on the devices without a name and find the one that matches the Mac of your PS5. After locating it, rename it so that you can easily locate it in the Geofilter.
    A greeting!
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    mitchellc756 reacted to Netduma Liam in Geo Filter PS5 Warzone   
    You may need to delete and re-add the profile after changing the device type
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