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  1. here i am in may, still hasnt improved really... router also occasionally loses internet on its own. Now i also cant hold my own party at times, someone will join and will be connecting and kick me out saying the same party encountered an error. What is going on?????
  2. my issue still hasnt solved, really cant figure it out....
  3. not sure what servers being blocked looks like, ive just been trying to select the servers and name and allow as many as i can. The problem still persisting.
  4. any update? mines been doing it extra lately...
  5. keeps happening... been allowing and naming as many servers as i can. Not sure what else to do...
  6. ya a short period, alot will pop up, what am i looking for specifically? it keeps happening again tonight.
  7. it stayed open so thanks for that, just been trying to name and allow as many servers. Last night i did struggle connecting in party, would say connecting then come back, then back to connecting, it was still battling to stay connected to the party. My friend is named and allowed on my list, so why does it still struggle to stay connected to his party sometimes???
  8. So far it did put it back to open. @Netduma Liam. I will see if it puts it back to unavailable or not. Now I will begin your steps @alinkfromthepast.
  9. when i try wireless, it is open though....
  10. cant seem to get it off unavailable now, turned everything off and restarted 1 at a time, i also trying to connect from modem to xbox and not router, but its still unavaiable which is strange.
  11. alright got ipv4 only wired with unavailable nat.
  12. port also changes on its own and this time took away ipv6 and with nat unavailable still, nothing is consistent now.. earlier i had everything normal. Had it off for an hour, now its always unavailable again, and on and off with ipv6 and ports changing on its own to sum everything up.
  13. now the nat type is unavailable again, was open earlier then shut off for a bit and now im back and its unavailble again? what is going on....
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