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  1. I tried the ideas @Zippy had with no success. I'm not sure what the issue is because it seems like I get to a point of success where I can log in to my dashboard but the modem will not show that its wired to the router. I am kind of out of patience and my family is as well. I want to send this router back for a refund but to be honest with you I'm ready to take my loss. My lady started her semester and I'm tired of switching routers in-between her classes. This has been the worst experience ever. I appreciate the patience @Netduma Liam and @Netduma Fraser have had with this process but my lady told me to tap out. If I haven't received an RAM code for a refund by now then its not coming. I pretty much paid to be a beta tester.
  2. So after I pay my money thats pretty much it??? Less than 30 days later and I'm left with a brick...
  3. I need to send this router out. It is defected. I have not been enjoying spending my days off from work trouble shooting this router for 3 days straight🤦🏾‍♂️ I just want to send it back to get a refund. Its kicking off .0010 mbps. Something is wrong with the hardware.
  4. Yes, static IP assigned. Default gateway, IP, and subnet mask info entered in.
  5. Yes, my extender was unplugged during the trouble shooting process.
  6. My R2 needs Epinephrine, Atropine, and CPR with that bandwidth wave form🤣⚰
  7. I rebooted it and got some horrible bandwidth speeds jumping off on the network overview. Still no wifi or ethernet connection unfortunately
  8. Its connected but no internet coming through at the moment. Amber ethernet light on my modem as well
  9. Good news, I'm logged into the dashboard but I have no wifi and my laptop isn't saying its wired. On the network map it shows the desktop is connected though...
  10. Gotcha, I will disconnect the R2 then do the ipconfig directly connected to the modem
  11. I dont believe the is an issue where the R2 is bottlenecking speeds. When I plug the ethernet cable from the modem into the R2 the ethernet cable light turns amber. This usually means the connection is 10/100 mbps or less. If I hardwire my pc to the router as well, my pc says there is no internet access. I believe my R2 has bricked, sad to say
  12. The R2 will not receive internet from the modem.
  13. I typed in the subnet mask, ip address, and default gateway. I received this info from my pc via ipconfig
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