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  1. Thanx a lot it works now! p.s. How to block dedicated servers? I click on deny in geo filter, but it still connects me on same dedis..
  2. To reboot? How? Just reenter netduma on browser?
  3. I did auto setup for best ping on qos and marked low spikes and low ping. It reapears all the time when im in geofilter or dashboard i cant use feature as the winow reapears
  4. What is the problem here, what should I do? Help please
  5. I used 30/30% with default allocation and I don’t know if this looks good, but jitter is around 1. EDIT: I got this results with 60% (both d/u) with default Bandwidth Allocation and after I flushed cloud. I got better hit detection on CoD Cold War. I hope it isn’t placebo or that they fixed servers temporarily. It would be nice if you could put an option in the next update to block peer and dedicated servers connections. It forces me to German servers (although I blocked them) and it still shows an player icon and peer connection instead of square icon for dedicated server. I made a big circle around whole Europe and blocked every dedicated server in Europe except Italian one as I want to play on even ground because my best ping is around 30ms. Happy New Year! 🥳🥳🥳
  6. This is the best I can get, I think.. And Call of Duty (game) is listed under Uncategorized, not in Gaming in Bandwidth Allocation Applications. I am confused because I don’t know what to prioritize in distribution, Gaming or Uncategorised.
  7. QoS was on. This is my internet provider website pinged here with nothing running, no yt, no streams And this is with streams and hd vids It is all tested on wifi laptop. Couple mins after (with all vids and streams still on)
  8. This is with 4 YouTube long, movie videos on Should I add anything else? I don’t really understand this program.
  9. This is while I play YouTube video on 80% both download/upload although I get A+ on most tests, everything looks too spikey on connection tests
  10. This is when I play YouTube video on 70%/70%
  11. Thank you for your reply. All my devices are connected to R2. I have put R2 in DMZ on Ubee and I have put PS4 in DMZ on my netduma. There’s no bridge mode on Ubee as far as I know. I have done Connection Benchmark on MacBook Air (on WiFi) which is not hardwired to R2, maybe that’s why I have spikes? The only way I can test Connection Benchmark on LAN is if I test it onPS4.
  12. I am using Firefox browser. ISP modem/router Ubee evw32c model which is hardwired to netduma r2 via cat6a utp copper cable, from r2 goes cat6 to my ps4. Yes, too many spikes and oscillations... I messed with sliders but spikes oscillate too much.
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