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  1. i tried what u told me to do an its still the same thing brotha
  2. They’re both brand new cables an both of them from the modem to pc are getting 400/20 so they’re working perfectly fine
  3. So when the tech came he told me it was my router even though it was working when he first got here that morning so i just went an bought an arris surfboard sb8200 an now my wifi is working which is what i told the ISP it was there modem that was messing up an not connecting but its still not letting me get my full speeds like it once was last week now im getting 100 speed thru the router but if im connected just to the modem i got my 400/20 can someone help me with that both ethernet cables are Cat 6
  4. Also won’t do a connection benchmark as it isn’t getting internet
  5. It’ says that but it’s not recognizing each other. It says WAN IP disconnected, when I have the Ethernet also plugged in from my router to PC it says no internet access also with not letting my house have wifi. When I called spectrum tech they even told me it’s not reading the modem
  6. but it still says wan disconnected an wont connect to anything
  7. i think the router needs switched out the tech came out here an it still won't connect to the internet
  8. thats what is was the other day why i couldnt get me actual speeds lmao
  9. yes i can get on the interface, theyre sending another technichian out here tomorrow to get it figured out when i just called them it won't even read the routers mac address they said
  10. hitron e31n2v1 but under the modem it says En2251 but the thing is i had the same modem it got installed last week but i wasnt getting my full speeds an i found out it was an ethernet cable an i told the tech that an he ended up just replacing the modem with the exact same model but not it isn't connecting to the router its making no sense
  11. So my isp came out today cause i wasn't getting my full speeds an it was just a cable issue but the guy replaced the modem instead an before he did that both my modem an router was perfectly fine just not gettting the speeds cause of a faulty cable but he decided to replace the modem an when he did that an plugged it into the router all the sudden the router can't connect to the internet but when i plug it from my modem to PC there is internet, i tried rebooting the router a few times, i even factory reset it an still won't connect to the internet, so i have no clue whats going on, the guy did more harm than good it seems when it was just a faulty ethernet cable that i literally told him that needed to be replaced so if someone could help me figure out why it won't connect that would be amazing
  12. So i got a new an better modem from my ISP an the older one which was a Doc 3.0 was getting my full speeds 400/20 now i got a 3.1 an am getting 90/20 speeds, ive tried plugging my pc in straight from the modem im still getting the same 90/20 speeds, ive tried everything anyone has told me to do an im still getting slow speeds, can someone help me try to figure out this issure please
  13. this is what it says when i hit edit im trying to open my nat for call of duty on my ps4 port 3074 but i have the same port open for my pc but its a diff ip address but when i hit edit this is what it says everytime
  14. it keeps showing me this when i try to port forward
  15. i just cleared my history an cookies an all that then it still did the same thing
  16. no i havent upgraded yet i tried the dumas way on browser still the same thing going on even tried it from my phone same thing going on on my phone
  17. this is what i keep getting when i am trying to login the router
  18. to open nat just put in 3074 to both tcp/udp and put in the ip address its going to an boom its open
  19. you have to do both tcp/udp to open nat type
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