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  1. I used to load games on to flash drives to load faster as well as take a load off the console. May have to try it again.
  2. Seems to be that to stop playing Minecraft would be the better solution.
  3. Don't forget to rub the outer skin of the cat 5e cable with icy hot liniment before plugging it in.
  4. I don't see where anyone checked engine lag yet. I'm curious if this is one of those years that it is high.
  5. As I said before it is needed and it is there.
  6. Yes, I have read all of that several times over. We get the purpose, I understand the purpose. The thing is that the proof is in the pudding when it comes to how they implement the balance of lag differentials. From a network point of view, you can't see the compensation. What no one explains is how all pings below a certain threshold feel the same while a percentage of games within the 120-160ms feel god like. If lag comp was perfect it would work no matter the ping. So with that said it becomes handing one man's misfortune to another.
  7. IMO, no. Im trying to find this old Black Ops 2 video that supports what Im about to say. I, in no way am an expert on networking. Please understand that. All i know is what I feel. This might need to be its own topic if i can find the old video. IMO, you are experiencing what is referred to as "lag compensation". People are on one side of the fence or the other when this comes up. While there are networks specialist saying its not lag compensation putting you at a disadvantage, I believe lag compensation is putting you at a disadvantage because "it has to". Why do I think this? Im a very old school PC gamer. On the original COD, you could see exactly what ping you had to the server as well as the other players ping. It was always consistent. If you had the best ping you did very well. Your matchs felt as good in relation to how low your ping was. Thats just the way it was. Now in COD, any ping below 80-100ms feels the same. My 4ms ping match feels the same as a 70ms ping match in terms of being ahead of players. You would think a 4ms ping would feel awesome. I dont feel like im ahead of people at the low pings. Some matchs feel like im ahead of the others but those are around 120-160ms ping and only in some of those matchs. Probably has something to do with who and where the other players are from. Network specialist say there is no disadvantage being given by lag compensation. IMO, i think there is very good reasons why they think so. If you send an ICMP ping out for the purpose of ping measurement. All connections will treat it as an ICMP ping and treat it properly with out delay. Outside of the live gaming communications packets you wont see any delay. I really dont think you will see any delay in gaming packets from a network specialists view. Just think about it. If you ping 30ms to host and another player pings 100ms to host, if the host delays your packets that would create huge problems. If the host properly delayed packets to compensate for the lag differential, then when you did experience a temporary rise in ping, you would be totally screwed. It would defeat the purpose. But if the host does not delay any packets and sends them as soon as possible. Your console could delay the display the commensurate amount of MS to compensate for the lag differential. If the display is being delayed, the lag compensation does not show up by any means visible to a network specialist. The video im talking about was done during the Black ops 2 days. Im trying to find it because im going off of memory right now and im not certain of the exact range. In short this guy showed how there was a standard default threshold delay of display signal from the console that was absurdly higher than display response rate. I want to find this video because i think it was around 70-90ms delay. What this means is nobody could get a display rate faster than the threshhold, it could be higher though. The idea was that player ping differentials were measured and the appropriate amount of compensation was added to the display delay of the lower ping players. Thus is why all actual pings below the display delay threshold would feel the same. So this is the reason Im thinking that my connection feels exactly the same when comparing a 4ms connection to a 70ms connection. A 4ms connection on the original cod game would render a rediculous feeling connection. If you have an above the threshold connection and there are several players with 30ms ping then the above also supports the thought that the higher connection could feel better because they wouldnt be getting the additional display delay.
  8. The the bar with 4x optic, high caliber and quickdraw is your friend. The ease of head shots is miles better than any other rifle.
  9. While we preach ping is King, developers method of balancing ping differentials negate any ping advantage. I ping 3-4ms on my main local server. You would think it would feel awesome like I was ahead of people but not true. A 4ms ping feels the same as a 70. I only feel like I'm ahead of people on some connections between 120-160ms. Weird!
  10. As the topic states, when clicking apply on the MTU manual settings it disregards download limitations set in congestion control on flower tree with share excess unticked. You have to click update distribution everytime you change MTU value. Latest firmware.
  11. Every BOTG COD game had an epidemic of campers during first couple of months. It'll die down when they get bored. BTW, total silence meaning silent footsteps, off radar, and silenced weapon is viewed in the same negative light as campers by a large portion of gamers. It produces undesirable and frustrating gameplay as well as raising the percentage of uncontested kills. The truth is this is used to get uncontested kills. Nobody these days Takes pride in beating the guy in front of you. Takes the gameplay back a level. They did the right thing by limiting this. Besides, why don't you use the division that allows a silenced SMG? Then shoot down the UAVs or use counter UAVs when their UAVs are up. This way you have to earn the privilege of running around the map off the radar. By the complaining I'm seeing it tells me that people don't want to earn it, they just want to have it and disregard what is fair and balanced gameplay. Yes it is unbalanced. It is the only style that produces uncontested kills.
  12. I'm getting shot from 5 feet in front of me but I never seen them. Happening regularly but not that big a deal due to frequency. Maybe once or twice a game.
  13. Maps appearance: A+ Maps Flow: FAIL!! GTFO Endless routes on largers maps is terrible. Endless routes on these small maps. Super terrible. I check both ways crossing street twice and still get wacked from behind. Regardless, I am enjoying it though. Procreate, divisions are their way of giving you set perks and restricting the ability to stack perks to make a class outside of what they intend. Example: the kar98 has zero aim assist unless you use the mountain division. Even then aim assist is only activated by holding breathe. Using that division will prevent you from the perks of other divisions like Sprint speed, dual primaries, longer breathe, etc. Another example is silencers are only on smgs when using airborne division. You can't use a silencer and have the perks like ghost in the mountain division.
  14. My unprofessional guess is the os has bugs that would cause unrepairable damage to the image of what this devices purpose is.
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