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  1. Are you saying to do this instead of the method you posted on June 5th?
  2. Does SRC 3074-3076, Dest 1-65536 not make any sense? It's what I used to do, but as Zippy said, some days upload gets wacky compared to download.
  3. Okay so I just realized that when I throttle, using the traffic prio fiefo suggested, my ps4's speedtest confirms I'm throttling. When I load the game, though, the game's bandwidth test shows I'm not throttling. When throttling, the game shows ~400kbps, when not, it shows ~4000kbps. When I take the traffic prio rule off, the game shows ~400kbps again. Not sure if the Duma has any control over that, though.
  4. It throttles to the value I set - in this case, 0.5up. I'm attaching another screenshot to better show my setup. But yeah, with the traffic prio mentioned by fiefo, the throttling no longer works.
  5. My bandwidth still gets throttled when I set CC to never, but uncheck share excess (and set the upload speed specifically for my ps4).
  6. When throttling (which I prefer), CC is never, share excess off, and traffic prior varies (right now it is as shown above, but it doesn't let me throttle when using the ports fiefo suggested). When not throttling, I vary the CC sliders, share excess on, and change up the traffic prio.
  7. I've been using these but haven't played enough to determine if I like it. I think I've seen you say before that you play wagers, etc. on cmg, and don't care about things like geo-filter, etc. I'm in the same boat, but am curious as to which settings have worked best for you in custom games (wireless, throttling, traffic prio, DMZ, etc.)?
  8. I have CC set to never since I (usually) throttle and disable share excess when gaming. With these settings though, I cannot throttle at all.
  9. When I do that, I cant throttle my connection anymore (something that actually seems to work). Have you tried throttling vs this traffic prio setup?
  10. I've been tampering with different traffic prio rules over the course of a few months. Three questions: (1) Should download packets be prioritized more, less, or the same as upload packets? I know some things are the result of a placebo effect, but I feel as if download is more important here, and that lower download prioritization leads to the "my opponent saw me before I saw him" effect. This leads to my next question: (2) How important is traffic prio, and should it be noticeable in-game (hit reg, shoot first die first, etc.)? Sometimes I wonder if this is the wrong setting to constantly tamper with to try to improve gameplay. (3) Mostly what I see is that we should prioritize port 3074 udp (on ps4/5 at least). Can someone please explain how to set up this port correctly (source, destination)? I've been using source as 3074-3074, but the only destination range that seems to always light up is 1-65535. I've also seen people flip the source and destination ports. This stuff is over my head so any explanation is greatly appreciated!
  11. I also mainly play private matches. Whats your setup for traffic prioritization?
  12. Was it worse when you prioritized ports?
  13. I think most people that disable share excess do it so that they can set a certain max bandwidth to certain devices, in essence getting on the right side of lag comp. If share excess is on, you receive more bandwidth if other devices aren't using it up, likely bringing you near full speeds. Rumor has it 0.5 upload speed is preferred on CW, so people set their system to get 0.5up and turn off share excess so it doesn't receive more than 0.5up.
  14. Given all of their findings, how would, say a ps4 player, set up traffic prioritization?
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