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  1. DumaOS not loaded yet! Don't worry we will redirect you shortly. TR-1 TH-1 DR-0 ________________________________ The above happens after I log in to my router settings. Nothing happens and it just stays on that page.
  2. Sorry man I didn't realise you asked for the serial number, it's: CP1947RAD24 Rest of info just incase: Product Vendor Technicolor Product Name Technicolor DJA0231 Software Version 18.1.c Firmware Version 18.1.c.0543-950-RA Hardware Version VCNT-A DSL Version A2pvfbH043q.d26u
  3. Since I'm here right now anyway I figured I'd ask some other stuff I had for you guys if that's all good haha.. How come we're not able to turn off any rapp processes in dumaOS? How come we can't disable individual parts of QoS without disabling it all? E.G: disable bandwidth allocation and traffic prioritisation but keep congestion control running. Why does it show the same amount of packets for my Playstation traffic prioritisation service? Why would download be the same as upload? Am I ignorant as hell or is that dodgy haha? Picture attached at bottom lol Thanks for any replies in advance guys, cheers P.S: I've been experimenting with traffic prioritisation on and off, it was currently off when i took that screenshot, should it even be showing any amount of packets lol..? P.P.S: just went in and out of QoS page to refresh it and now it says 0 and 0 packets lol Again, my bad if i look like a spanner
  4. Not sure why the screenshot is necessary.. it's literally what I described lol (the same as the picture you posted except that 'pause dumaOS' is missing and 'rapp performance' is also there).. here it is ranyway: Sorry if I sound sour boys. Australian internet really wears away your patience.
  5. Any chance there's some other way to pause it right now man? Thanks for the reply btw mate.
  6. Excuse how vague/dismissive I may seem man but I shouldn't have to do that. I've always been able to 'pause' it in the router settings. I did it as recently as 1 week ago by doing the following (quoted from Telstras FAQ for the optimiser): "You can temporarily suspend DumaOS on your Smart Modem, by going to the menu under Advanced and to Pause DumaOS. All DumaOS will functions will be suspended from operation on the device for 24 hours, unless otherwised resumed. This can be used to rule out DumaOS or its configuration as a cause for performance issues or faults when troubleshooting. This does not cancel your subscription." Why is the option is no longer there? Removing dumaOS is not what I want to do. I could ask a tonne of specific questions/raise a bunch of issues that I have with the optimiser and it's settings but for now I just wanna know what happened with this simple little issue lol.. Since day 1 I've been tediously testing the optimisers settings in a bid to get the best results/connection possible, to figure out what gets improved or what is made worse, etc etc.. Being able to pause dumaOS (essentially temporarily turning it off) is essential for this. Sorry if I come off a bit rude man, aussie Internet perpetually leaves me annoyed lol
  7. The reason why I'd want to pause my telstra game optimiser/dumaOS is a whole other discussion in itself lol but anyway, yeah, the option to pause it has completely disappeared
  8. Have always had this problem too, I use telstra game optimiser btw
  9. Hey mate, sorry to be impatient, but have you heard anything back from @mannrs or @tjw101 or anyone who can remedy this? Desperate to try out the optimiser ASAP man (have got a lot of hectic busy stuff coming up over the next buncha days, tonight is and the previous few nights have been my total freedom time to really put it to the test and uh essentially play games all night 😂)
  10. We've already communicated in my thread over on crowdsupport but i figured i better reply here too haha, cheers guys Btw, it has been activated it multiple times on the mobile mytelstra app, says it is active and might take up to an hour etcetc, and I've waited multiple times but it always goes back to saying not active
  11. Hey guys. Pretty annoyed here lol hopefully someone can help me out. We activated the game optimiser and I can't find it/the settings anywhere at all. The telstra site says: "Game Optimiser features will be the first screen upon sign in." and that's definitely not the case for me soo... just incase any of this info might be needed: Global Information Product Vendor Technicolor Product Name Technicolor DJA0231 Software Version 18.1.c Firmware Version 18.1.c.0543-950-RA Hardware Version VCNT-A DSL Version A2pvfbH043q.d26u Serial Number CP1847RAYMS MAC Address A4:91:B1:D2:8B:74 Uptime 22 minutes 22 seconds System Time 2020-11-25 23:54:33 Network Timezone
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