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  1. Have always had this problem too, I use telstra game optimiser btw
  2. Hey mate, sorry to be impatient, but have you heard anything back from @mannrs or @tjw101 or anyone who can remedy this? Desperate to try out the optimiser ASAP man (have got a lot of hectic busy stuff coming up over the next buncha days, tonight is and the previous few nights have been my total freedom time to really put it to the test and uh essentially play games all night 😂)
  3. We've already communicated in my thread over on crowdsupport but i figured i better reply here too haha, cheers guys Btw, it has been activated it multiple times on the mobile mytelstra app, says it is active and might take up to an hour etcetc, and I've waited multiple times but it always goes back to saying not active
  4. Hey guys. Pretty annoyed here lol hopefully someone can help me out. We activated the game optimiser and I can't find it/the settings anywhere at all. The telstra site says: "Game Optimiser features will be the first screen upon sign in." and that's definitely not the case for me soo... just incase any of this info might be needed: Global Information Product Vendor Technicolor Product Name Technicolor DJA0231 Software Version 18.1.c Firmware Version 18.1.c.0543-950-RA Hardware Version VCNT-A DSL Version A2pvfbH043q.d26u Serial Number CP1847RAYMS MAC Address A4:91:B1:D2:8B:74 Uptime 22 minutes 22 seconds System Time 2020-11-25 23:54:33 Network Timezone
  5. Guys, I'm in the same boat, same modem as this guy, my firmware is updated, etc. Just found this thread now. Can i get some help please lads?
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