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  1. Just wanted to update the thread with the wifi drops and issues I was having. After turning off MU-MIMO, AX mode, and factory resetting the device. My wifi is stable with no drops. I'll attach screenshots of my wifi settings. Seems the issue was the incompatibility WiFi 6 features with everything on the network. I do have some WiFi 6 capable devices but they would also experience the issues so I don't know if I'll always need to leave these settings disabled. Kind of why I bought it but maybe it can be addressed in an update. I doubt it, let me know your thoughts. See screenshots below:
  2. Yes I'm still getting drops not sure what to do at this point. Hopefully an update OS comes out to address this. Using DFS channels has less drops but I'll still lose connectivity periodically. Happens more frequently when not on a DFS channel
  3. Attempted to do the advice, even turned off AX. When not on DFS if I'm using an app, it just won't load anything for a moment then when I kill the app, it's good but it comes back after a few moments. If I'm streaming video, though that stays on. I'm at a loss here.
  4. Just tried the above advice but still lose internet access. When I am on a non DFS channel it seems to happen more often. When using DFS, it happens way less.
  5. All the connected devices lose internet access for about 5 minutes. So if I'm on my phone watching a video, it'll send me a message saying it's offline, then the tv stops playing and everything else like my smart speakers say they aren't connected either. Then in about 5 minutes, its okay.
  6. Selected a non DFS channel,but the connection still loses internet access every so often even after a factory reset. Not sure what's going on at this point.
  7. Just did this, 2.4 is set to auto so it's always switching the channel but now my smart TV can't find my 5G band. I changed it to channel 52 and I can't even search for it.
  8. I'm still having the same issue after the adjustments, seems to be happening multiple times a day where the internet just doesn't load anything but the wifi and LAN stay connected. Just no internet access, then after 5 minutes or so, it comes back. And I don't see anything in the logs about it.
  9. MU-MIMO is enabled on my router already. I have changed the recommended settings, will keep an eye out to see if this happens again. Also going to re-enable IPv6 because I thought it could be tied to that as well. Also what is the correct way to enter a dns address in to the IPv6 section on the router? I try to use cloudflares IPv6 address and it is as follows 2600 4700 4700 1111 & 2600 4700 4700 1001 but there are spaces after on the router, do I need to fill those out with zeros? Is there also a test I can use because after I visit the page, the field is blank so I don't know if I'm using my ISP's DNS servers or cloudflares, I'll attach a screenshot. I have run a test that confirms IPv6 access just to clarify.
  10. I have only tested this with cod. I have also noticed (gaming aside) that at random times during the day my wifi connection will just stop. It won't drop, everything shows that it's connected but if I'm watching a video it starts to buffer even though the router is like 4 feet away.
  11. Manually pinging does work almost all of the time. I have had weird instances where it does ping the host but for now I've been using manual ping as a workaround. Cookies and cache are allowed and it's still signing me out. Device I'm testing the auto ping on is a PS4 by the way.
  12. So on the map, it'll show the host that I'm playing on but no information about the host is auto pinged below. I haven't noticed a difference as it just seems to be random for how long it keeps me logged in. Never had this before with a product using Dumas OS.
  13. Yes, I have completed a factory reset and I'll still be asked to sign in occasional when navigating the OS. As far the the Auto ping, sometimes it works fine and shows all the information I need. But then it just stops. Doesn't ping anything, doesn't show any information. The box is just blank like there is nothing to ping, even though I am in a game actively playing. I have Chrome set to delete cache and cookies upon exit and I normally sign into the router in incognito mode.
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