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  1. You cant do anything, change your network provider "maybe" it will work better. Worst netcode in game i ever seen. Uninstall this crap, wait for battlefield 6.
  2. I’ve taken the R2 out too and still the same. Worst multiplayer i ever played, well done activision. I bought R2 and thought i will fix my game experience with cod but not the slightest improvement, even worse because in bridge mode i had problems with connecting to R2 so now just using my isp modem.
  3. You know i have the same experience with my pc but its not R2 fault, again activision f*** up with their netcode.
  4. The problem is bridge mode, always the same, cant connect to network. In my case i must reboot R2. In router mode working fine. Sometimes even worse, in dumaos/dashboard/ network status i got WAN IP disconected. Only solution is factory reset my isp modem and R2 and fast turn off my pc with power strip for 15 minutes.
  5. Have similar problem, i thought i fix it but nah only could play for 1 day, even when reducing download/upload in cod game option-> account my link bandwidth always remain the same. I tried play in my phone network but still the same. Dont know anymore if its my network or game.
  6. yes,i can but the wan ip is wrong, only if i reboot router ip is correct and network working.
  7. Before update and today after the upgrade to 3.0.205 still the same.
  8. Still cant connect to r2, must reboot r2 to connect to network.
  9. Bufferrbloat are most important thing in cod , try congestion control in your router and open http://www.dslreports.com/speedtest if your test is done click "result and share" This is most important, when you change your congestion control do a test again and see which seetings are best for you, the smaller "the red letter I" the smaller delay you will have in game. In my case smaller "I" in uploading the better gameplay i have(fast bullets). Bufferbloat should be A+, quality could be C or D. Its not english but you should know what to do.
  10. I called them i they said they cant give me login and password. Reset not working.
  11. Today again, pc turn on, cant connect to network via netduma r2 "wan ip disconnected", again power off pc for 10-15 minutes factory reset and working again. 195€ for broken router and still no new firmware.
  12. No, they have different login and password.
  13. cisco epc 3928 i can change to bridge mode or router but cant login to isp modem.
  14. My isp router is in bridge mode so i dont need DMZ. Even if i change to router mode i cant change anything because i dont have login and password.
  15. Still netduma r2 is bugged, always problem with connections no updates for firmware. Netduma my 4 router, most expensive and the worst for sure.
  16. Ok so then i can go to wan/ network and change to static using reserved ip?
  17. Its only connecting via DHCP, if i connect and try to change to static ip its not working. When i turn on my pc in dumaos i see message wan ip disconnected so no network in pc too. Only 1 way working, turn off pc with isp modem and netduma for 10-15 minutes. connect via dhcp -> open command line ipconfig-> copy IPv4 Address/ Subnet Mask and Default Gateway -> paste in dumaos /network/ static and save network. Tried rebooting but still cant conect via static ip only dhcp.
  18. Newest firmware, all day working fine then power off pc next day cant connect to router "wan ip disconnected" over and over again. DHCP only working, static ip not working.
  19. First days it was pretty good. Now every day its getting worse and worse. People you should think before you will buy this router. Always next day "wan ip disconnect" cant connect to router, rebooting now cant fix anything and i see other people have the same problem. I was planning to wait for new firmware before sending to you netduma but how long i have to wait another few months?
  20. People must understand that yours network is not a problem its just shit netcode/lag compensation of call of duty. You cant do anything with crappy game.
  21. Its not only fifa i have similar problem with cod. Dont know if its lag compensation/ netcode of the game.
  22. Yes im playing now, when i pick "always" and go to option account in game(cod) bandwidth is much lower so congestion control working fine but with auto enable even with Traffic Prioritization(working red icons show up) congestion always stay the same.
  23. Dumaos(dhcp). Traffic Prioritization (All Devices DumaOS Classified Games) enabled but still congestion control not working on Auto -enable.Only on always.
  24. Traffic disabled, i will try with traffic enabled if its working. If i do a factory reset my isp modem then even with factory reset r2 i have "wan network not detected". I must turn off pc for 10-15 minutes. Often too i cant connect to r2 with message "cant find dns server" and rebooting r2 working.
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