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  1. Yes because I used the default list and my parents were complaining that some of their websites that they use frequently get blocked/are slow such as yahoo finance etc. Like if I wanted to use OISD how would I go about doing so?
  2. How many lines would be the most you would recommend for a custom adblock list before it breaks the R2? And which custom ones would you recommend?
  3. All the other ports aren't for gameplay
  4. Yes I used that as the source ports.
  5. Yeah I have tried manual ports but somedays it works and somedays it doesn't. Very odd I tried ports 7000-8088 UDP.
  6. I'm playing Valorant with my traffic prio set either to dumaos custom games or games console (pc set to playstation) and traffic prio doesnt pick up valorants traffic either udp or tcp. But it picks up my traffic in discord etc. I was wondering if anyone else is having this issue. Xr300 in the dmz of bell homehub 3000.
  7. You want me to prioritize which device phone laptop?? ill get results back in a couple days
  8. No I have fiber so unfortunately I can't bypass it unless I use something like the tp-link mc220L. But my problem with using one of those is that you have to use ppoe and vlan ids and virginmobile doesn't give you your ppoe username and password unlike when bell does.
  9. It technically has a modem mode but it sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. It’s 50-50 and when you restart the modem / have a power failure you lose the internet. The home hub has no firewall. And the time of day has no effect.
  10. The homehub stays the same the whole time rebooting it doesn't do anything other than change my public ip. Here is a graph when it's working. As you can see the spike is only 20ms instead of 90+.
  11. I get the same results with and without the dmz. It just changes my nat type from moderate to open. But the weird thing is that after rebooting the router for a couple of days the qos works and then like a switch I wake up and it doesn't work anymore.
  12. Yeah google gives me the best results which is what im currently using. It just says Cloudflare because thats what I named it in the home hub and just haven't changed it.
  13. Yeah I know. It has to go through 2 virgin mobile hubs then through bells on stuff. It also doesn't help that I live outside of Montreal where I have to go through that hoop as well. Still hitting 3-4 ms to google dns. Sometimes restarting the router fixes the problem but it isn't a permanent fix. It works for 1-3 days then go back to that.
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