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  1. Hey, any news about updated version @RedBull2k ?
  2. Thanks, did not know that. Always reading to power off modem and wait 2 minutes to get new dls sync, lol
  3. But is QoS/CC in Netduma not a "cap"? Which should work the same? But for me capping with CC, even to 0,5/20, did nothing for me... Like if CoD detect the tuning and think: "you wanna bypass me? I hit you with the full LagCompensator/SBMM shit i have!" But noticed this for more games, so i think "problem" is not only on CoD, more on other thinks but i cant figure out...
  4. My ping under load is already on point of the other 2 strings (nearly 3 perfect lines, with 0,18ms jitter) Geofiltering for CoD is not as good... Sometimes with same "perfect" settings, my hit detection is good as hell and then it will be like i am behind (1st shoot 1st die) Noticed it not only on CoD, also on QC, CSGO, CS1.6 - few games godlike - few games really dogshit...
  5. Germany, fresh dsl sync is placebo here, but i hope that it will be better than worser. Cant compare/measure/bench correctly...
  6. Yep but for me (Mainly Warzone and Cold War) - a week or 2 i got good hit detection and then suddenly it becam bad - after resetting and apply same settings - hit detections is good again - for next 2 weeks. Also i restarting every time i game my Modem to get new DSL-Sync
  7. The Problem is that the Netduma R2 is not consitent... Even the Settings are the same - every 2 weeks icneet a factory reset to get it work "better" than before - even if settings where the same... Sometimes after clean reset - NAT open work if i put PS4 in Netduma DMZ - sometimes i have to manually add 3074 to port forwarding
  8. But yor have MORE knowledge - you develope the firmware etc... So plz explain how to find best settings... Tryed to fine tune more than 2 Months - every two weeks i start from scratch...
  9. The question here for me is - WHY can a ThirdParty-Person achieve so amazing optimization of YOUR products, when you are the developers!?!?!? To buy a HighEnd-"Gaming-Router" for 200+ Dollars and invest another 200 Dollars to get the "Product" working "as it should" - is in my opinion - very sad cuz it is unnecessary moneymaking.... I stick to my Netduma and i like it (Geo-Filter) but i think the 200 Dollars was not for a Gaming-Router - it was for a "You-Must-Test-And-Tweak-New-Every-Day"-Router... So plz (@Developers) implement Kirneill-Settings in Firmware OR make a Guide to achieve Kirneill-Settings (How-to effective Try and Error every NECESSARY Setting) - The Persons who are Kirneill-Tweaked already - dont have to change the settings every day.. They setup the settings ONCE and are good to go... plz make a Guide!!!
  10. Generally for Gaming on Playstaion/PC: good or bad to use custom DNS like Google/Cloudflare? Generally for Gaming on Playstaion/PC: good or bad to use IPv6? (Playstation can handle only IPv4, i know)
  11. Is it not as good to use google DNS or let IPv6 enabled?
  12. No i dont think so, cuz tested it with every device are in standby (blocked for test). But With previous Settings (IPv6/GoogleDNS), everything workes, exept that Hitreg is really bad
  13. Yep now PortForwarding Rules on AiO are deleted, only UPnP are on (on both), Yes Other Devices on AiO Network/Mesh (all on standby) like WifesPhone, Soundbar, etc. no need to change this
  14. I have, no way to gain Open NAT like before... On PC i have moderat NAT and if i put IP from PC in R2 DMZ it will be NATopen, If i put PS4 IP in R2 DMZ it stays NATmoderat... Only changes was "disabling overall IPv6" and "remove custom DNS" (now use Upstream DNS in R2 / at AiO no custom DNS set like before 8888) Edit: enabled back IPv6 overall, set custom DNS to google 8888 and voila OpenNAT again... really strange..... better i leave it as now... but would be good if anyone has good settings for PC BOCW, seems like newest update from yesterday, my Hitreg on my previous settings is shitty again
  15. Before it worked, also WITH Port forwarding...
  16. AIO: NetdumaR2 -> StaticIP / LAN 1 mit 1 Gbit/s / Exposed Host (kind of a DMZ)/ selbst. Portfreigabe erlaubt / Echtzeitpriorisiert PortForward T is TCP / U is UDP: PS4T80 PS4T443 PS4T465 PS4T993 PS4T983 PS4T1935 PS4T3478-3480 PS4T5223 PS4T10000-10100 PS4T8080 PS4T9988 PS4T17502 PS4T42127 PS4T3659 PS4U3074 PS4U3658 PS4U10070 PS4U50000 PS4U3659 PS4U14000-14016 PS4U6000-6250 PS4U6251-6500 PS4U6501-6750 PS4U6751-7000 PS4U3478-3479 PCT3074 PCT27014-27050 PCT11700-11725 PCU4379 PCU27000-27031 PCU27036 PCU1119 PCU48800-48900 PCU7002 IPv6 Disabled UPnP enabled Global Filters (Stealth Mode etc) (Firewall???) all disabled DNS not set to google or cloudflare. Standard ISP DNS will it be i think Netduma: only 5Ghz WiFi, LAN/WAN disable IPv6, UPnP enable, PS4 at static IP in DMZ, PC set to playstation (also static IP), DNS Override to Gateway (AiO IP),QoS 70/20, 75% Gaming both, TrafficPrio Source 3074 3074 UDP - Destination 30000-65535 UDP (For PC and same for PS4)
  17. Is it not vice versa? Source 3074 3074 (TCP/)UDP - Destination 30000-65535 (TCP/)UDP !? If not plz explain
  18. Negative. Still ModeratNAT... is it really cuz i disabled IPv6 at my AiO Modem/Router and in Netduma R2??? Or Maybe cuz my PC is now a "Playstation Device" and has PortPrio? could not get it back to Open...
  19. No maybe it is because i set privacy settings to offline/not findable (in game and in playstationnetwork). If i disable rule to prioritize, stays also moderate. Disabling IPv6 was the only other change i did (beside the traffic prio, and set PC to a playstation device)
  20. @Netduma FraserAfter Prioritize Traffic Port 3074 even for my PS4, i am not be able to achieve Open NAT.. even if my PS4 is as a DMZ... bug or feature? PC works if i set it in DMZ, only other changes i made, was disabling IPv6, but this makes no sense...
  21. UDP - Source Port (3074:3074) - Destination Port (30000:65535) & Disable IPv6 & Set GamingPC as "Playstation" DID THE TRICK feels really nice, before only 1/3 of my shots found the way.. now straight hit detection
  22. @Netduma Fraser For PC the GeoFilter is not working, only in watching mode, will it be bypassed to set my Computer in DeviceManager as "Console"?
  23. Here is a lot of OpenWRT Stuff... And so may i see, mainly PS5 Users. Question? Anyone have working traffic priorization for BOCW for PC? It is not so, that i will not Test, i will test, but maybe someone have already found good settings for PC !? Edit: UDP - Source Port (3074:3074) - Destination Port (30000:65535) & Disable IPv6 & Set GamingPC as "Playstation" DID THE TRICK
  24. Which Port to Prioritizing? Is there a Guide to best "Try and Error" this? For now I never had used to prioritize traffic or ports! never had to be...
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