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  1. Hi Fraser, I have tried that, achieving the same outcome?
  2. Hi , Have had no luck what so ever with logging in to the DumaOS App on iphone 8 IOS 14.1 , with error message "Could not reach server". Desk top version of DumaOS shows my phone is connected to the modem via WiFi 5Ghz. However, when I hit login, it is not generating any "network" traffic what so ever. I have confirmed that my phone is indeed connected by observing the network traffic when doing other things. I have logged out of the desk top DumaOs thinking that you can't have simultaneous logins. I have deleted and re-installed the app. I have the Gen 2 Arcadyan version (LH1000) Cheers Salty
  3. Hi, Serial number is ARC1927646865. Cheers ss
  4. Hi, Have been hanging out for a QoS service on the Smart Modem and have been thinking about abandoning Telstra or getting a new modem, so the game optimiser is a dream come true. Anyhow, was in touch with Fraser via Telstra communities, who advised that it was being developed, however, would be keen to get in on the beta . Serial number is ARC1927646865 Cheers SS
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