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  1. Hi there! So when it comes to the Servers, it works fine. The problem I have tho is that since I activated the geo filter, each time I join a Playstation 5 Party Chat, there is an error message „Network error“ that pops up. In this case, my friends can‘t hear me. I now disabled the geo filter and the party chat works fine. Is this a known issue with the PS5?
  2. Hello. I've set up the Geo Filter on my Netduma Router for my PS5 to use it for Call Of Duty for the first time, as you can see in the Screenshot. First of all, I'd like to ask, if the setup seems correct to you. Then I'd like to know: If I play with a friend who lives in the same country (approximately 50 kilometers away from me) and he does not have a Netduma router with Geo-Filter, does the Geo-Filter still work? Or do I have to make sure, that I'm the leader of the squad in Call Of Duty?
  3. Perfekt! Dann bin ich froh, dass es sich nicht um ein Problem aus meiner Seite handelt. Ich war mir unsicher, weil ich zum ersten Mal, ein Gerät mit LAN verbinde, welches ich zum Spielen brauche. Ausserdem sind diese Werte tatsächlich nur Schätzungswerte. Ich habe dies auch getestet. Wenn ich zum Beispiel ein Spiel herunterlade, sehe ich, dass es 100 MB/s herunterladet. Umgerechnet sind das 800 Megabit/s. Wenn ich dann ein Speedtest mache, zeigt es mir zum Beispiel „nur“ 400 Megabit/s an, obwohl es weiterhin mit 100 MB/s herunterladet. Ich denke auch, dass Sonys Server je nach dem, vor allem zu Stosszeiten, viel mehr ausgelastet sind als sonst.
  4. Hallo Ich habe erst jetzt gesehen, dass es einen deutschen Forum gibt, darum poste ich mein Anliegen hier. Ich hatte bereits das Problem mit den Sonos Boxen. Meine WLAN Verbindung sinkt extrem, sobald meine Boxen irgendwas machen, also zum Beispiel wenn ich TV schaue oder Musik höre. Nun, der Elektriker war vor 2 Wochen hier und hat ein Internet Kabel in meinem Zimmer durchgezogen und eine RJ45 Dose mit einer Switch eingebaut (siehe Bild 1). Punkt 1: Das Problem mit den Sonos besteht weiterhin. Ich habe aufgegeben, nach dem Problem zu suchen. Das Problem kann ich nur beseitigen, wenn ich ALLE Boxen in meinem Zimmer mit LAN verkable. Ich werde dies irgendwann mal machen. Im Moment habe ich nur das Hauptgerät, nämlich die Sonos Playbar verkabelt. Punkt 2: Das gute ist, dieses Sonos Problem beeinflusst nicht die LAN Geschwindigkeit. Ich habe meine PS5 nun mit LAN verbunden und erreiche eine Geschwindigkeit von bis zu 800 mbit/s (siehe Bild 2). Ich betone jedoch auf BIS 800 mbit/s. Mir ist aufgefallen, dass diese Geschwindigkeit extrem schwankt, egal ob die Sonos ein oder ausgeschaltet sind. Manchmal habe ich “nur” 400 mbit/s, also nur die Hälfte (siehe Bild 3). Woran kann das liegen? Ich dachte immer, dass LAN eher nicht schwankt. Ich habe versucht, die PS5 mit einem anderen LAN Kabel zu verkabeln, die PS5 direkt mit der RJ45 zu verbinden und auch einen anderen LAN Port bei der Switch, sowie beim Router zu verwenden, es schwankt trotzdem genau gleich. Woran kann das liegen? Aus meiner Sicht, kann das nicht an der Leitung liegen, diese wurde nämlich durch den Elektriker vor 2 Wochen kontrolliert und war in Ordnung. Am LAN Kabel kann es auch nicht liegen, da ich es mit 3 diversen Kabeln versucht habe. Ich habe es mit einem LAN Kat 6a verkabelt. Auch ist die PS5 in QoS als Priorisierungsgerät eingetragen. Niemand war in diesen Momenten sonst am Streamen bei mir, also kann es auch nicht am Datenverkehr im Netzwerk liegen. Also bleiben zwei Sachen übrig: Entweder liegt es an den Playstation Servern ODER am Netgear XR500 Nighthawk Router. Wenn man auf der PS5 auf „Status von Playstation Network“ klickt, erscheint eine Meldung in einem roten Rahmen (siehe Bild 4) Was denkt ihr? Kann es tatsächlich an der Playstation 5 liegen, dass es im Moment so schwankt oder liegt es eher am Router?
  5. I have my ISP Modem which I could try out. But I can only try it out on Thursday the latest. I also did another reset of all my sonos devices. The moment I connected my Sub and my Surround speakers to the playbar, the problem happened again. It is so confusing, because the internet speed is also slow when I stand right in front of the Netgear Router, when my TV is on and my Sonos Surround System is online. The other thing I could do is wait until the electrician will install a RJ45 in my room (approximately in about a month) so I will be able to connect a Netgear unmanaged Switch to it and connect my Sonos Playbar via LAN there and see if the problem will still persist then. Again: The moment you connect the Sonos Playbar via LAN, it creates an own Network inwhich the Sonos Speakers communicate, without disturbing your current network.
  6. Unfortunately it didn‘t help. It still drops the internet speed as soon as my TV is on. You can clearly see the difference in download speed when my sonos are on and offline. IMG_2996.MOV IMG_2995.MP4
  7. It was really weird. The Sonos Support thinks, that the Samsung TV is the problem. This is what he said: Basically, when I only connect my Sonos Playbar and my Sonos Sub, the Internet Speed doesn‘t drop. With this Setup, the Sonos Playbar communicates with the router at 2.4 GHZ. As soon as I connect my two Surround Speaker, the Playbar communicates with the Surround Speakers at 5 GHZ and with the router itself at 2.4 GHZ. As soon as I turn my TV off, the Internet Speed is good again. Unfortunately, there is no way you can disable Wi-Fi on my TV, as long as it isn‘t connected to LAN. So, I also tried to switch my TV from 5 GHZ to 2.4 GHZ and the problem still persisted. Here‘s the thing. The internet speed even seems to drop, if my TV is turned off, but I play music from my iPhone to my Sonos System through Wireless. Basically, everytime my Sonos System is playing something, the internet speed drops. I now disabled DumaOS Classified Games in Traffic Prioritization in QoS as you said. The internet speed didn’t drop by now. I‘ll let you know in a few hours if the problem still persists.
  8. Well, I guess that was too early. Today the issue happened again. So, I tried to change the Wireless Channel of the 2.4 GHZ. I tried multiple channels, yet the problem was still there. I put the Channel back to 6. Then, I tried to reset my Sonos Playbar. I found out that when my Sonos Playbar is the only device connected, the internet Speed doesn’t drop. As soon as I connect the Sub and the two Sonos One speakers, the issue happens again. I will contact Sonos support later and let you know what they say. I honestly have no idea what to do next. I feel like I have tried everything I could.
  9. Yeah that sucks! But I‘m sure there will be more PS5 available soon. I was pretty lucky to get a pre order. Only 2 weeks left here in Europe! Alright, I will leave the channel as it is. I‘m happy to report, that the internet speed didn‘t drop so far. I‘ll let you know in the next days if it still works fine. :)
  10. Thank you Fraser! I found out that now on my PS4 the Internet speed is not at around 150 mbit/s but at 90 mbit/s. So it is slightly slower there, but that shouldn't be a problem tho, because I am pretty sure, that this problem won't happen with the PS5 anymore. As soon as I will be able to connect my PS5 and my Sonos via LAN, the internet speed will be much faster. I gues that should be right? Plus, it is known that the PS4 has bad internet speed. I was able to preorder the PS5 and the internet speed is much better there (I saw it yesterday, in someone's Review Video.) Would you suggest to leave my 2.4 GHZ at Channel 6 for now, since it is working again or would you still change the channel to channel 9?
  11. Okay, I guess I finally found the solution! The Setting "Enable 20/40 Mhz Coexistence" was enabled in my Wireless Setup. This Option basically reduces the bandwidth, when another Wireless Network is detected. Obviously, my Sonos Setup creates an "Own" Wireless Network. That was the reason, why my bandwidth was dropping so much. After disabling the 20/40 MHZ Coexistence and restarting my Netgear XR500 Router, my Internet Speed didn't drop even when my TV was on. I will further test this in the next days and check, if the issue will come back. I will let you know in 2 days the latest.
  12. Alright, thank you! So I downloaded Wi-Fi Analyzer and the channels that are being recommended are the ones that I am already using. I am using Channel 6 for 2.4 GHZ and Channel 48 for 5 GHZ. When I analyzed this, the Internet Speed Drops weren't happening, so maybe I have to do this, when the issue is happening? What channels would you recommend me to try, by looking at my graphs?
  13. That’s also what I think. Alright, how do I analyze this, how does it work? I‘ve never done that. Currently, my Channel for the 2.4 GHZ is 6.
  14. Hello Recently I opened up a thread on here, where I experienced some internet speed drops, when I turned my TV on: https://forum.netduma.com/topic/33182-internet-speed-drops-when-i-watch-netflix/#comments Well, I found out where the problem is. The Problem is not my Samsung TV, but my Sonos Playbar. Everytime the Sonos Playbar is running some audio, my internet speed drops a lot. How did I found out? Well, everytime I plug my Sonos Playbar off, the internet speed increases. I have the following setup: 1x Sonos Playbar 1x Sonos Sub 2x Sonos One. All of those Speakers are connected to the 2.4 GHZ Wi-Fi Network. The Sonos Sub and the two Sonos One are connected to the Sonos Playbar in my room, so they can all work together. I cannot connect my Sonos Playbar via LAN at the moment, but this will definitely be possible in the future. When you connect the Sonos Playbar via LAN, it creates an own network, which doesn‘t disturb the current 2.4 GHZ and 5 GHZ Network. Currently tho, it seems that my Sonos Setup is interferring with my Wi-Fi Network. How can I solve this problem? I use a Netgear Nighthawk XR500 Router.
  15. Alright then, I guess the topic can be closed. Thank you for your help!
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