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  1. i can not ping any server from Geo-Filter or maybe i dont know how to? Share Excess: How do i turn this off? RE: QoS settings & traffic prioritisation rules, see attached screen shots. If i allow remote access to tech support can they take a look at my set up and figure out where i am going wrong, as we have been circling around this issue for 6 days now without any resolution. It would be faster this way. Thanks Kam
  2. As Wilsonbx198st mentioned above i have put both my DL & UL sliders to 70% and the Geo Filter radius is capped at 800miles. Done a connection benchmark test and my base ping & ping underload is lower than 10ms, as you say it's pretty good. Ive disabled the filtering mode on Geo-filter and i have pinged the fortnite servers (UK), chose the 2 best ones (ping under 20ms) and saved them in my custom list. I then played the game and the game was unplayable in most patches. I had a lot of packet loss and my ping was erratic from 200ms-1056ms (according to the stats on fortnite). Many times i was kicked out of the game or the game froze for 5-10sec. I have uploaded a picture of realtime game play showing the stats on netduma and on Fortnite. The stats don't match up. Just incase the picture is not clear: Whilst playing, R2 shows the servers that i have connected with for fortnite is giving me ping under 15ms but the game shows my ping as 894 with 1-8% packet loss! Also when i do a speed test in PS4, my DL & UL speeds are ridiculous giving me less than 1mb UL & DL (see pic attached) @Netduma FraserPlease explain?
  3. * If i don't use the Auto setup then i have to manually adjust my UP & DL sliders. I tried this but the ping continues to be insane. *After factory reset i changed nothing apart from doing the auto-setup test, `added PS4 as device and then ran benchmark tests. It's been 5 days now and still no resolution???
  4. Hi Fraser, I have installed the latest update and factory reset the R2. I have found my issues to persist and whilst doing the congestion control & connection benchmark test i have found my ping highly unstable (worse than before), see screenshots attached. Due to this router causing highly unstable connection and real slow speeds loading pages on the browser, for now i have switched back to my ISP router hence making the R2 redundant and waste of money. Please help me set up this router asap! Thanks, Kam
  5. Hi both, Sorry for the late reply... Anyway as advised I have tested as mentioned above, nothing seams to improve my connection. Internet is now running even slow and webpages are taking for ever to load. Also my ping spikes are continuing and ping underload is high too, yet in my connection test in all 3 criteria are showing ratings as A+ which i do not agree with as it is not translating into a stable connection. I really need a remote session with the support team to help with my issues. @Netduma Fraser - Please help as i am tempted to revert back to my ISP router and return this!! Thank you, Kam
  6. Thank you for your response. All of your Qs are related to the Geo-Filter. The Geo-Filter page is redundant for me as the only game i play is PES 2021 and unfortunately this game is not listed as an option. So i don't really use it or know how far the servers are located whilst playing. I have no idea if the polygon i drew or the ping assist level i changed on there work and if it is doing me any favours. RE Ping Spikes - In the QoS Rapp i have used the congestion control Auto-Setup feature and prioritised Ping. There i regularly get 2-3 huge ping spike (DL&UL) per test peaking around 80. So can you suggest what is going wrong or how to get this router working properly? Thanks Kam
  7. Hi Ziggy, I have attached some screenshots which can answer some questions... R2 performed well for 2-3 days then it degraded. Current ISP - BT. DL speed - 68mbs UL speed - 18mbs. I play with a wired connection and i have attempted using the sliders which again you can see in the screenshots. Also the Logs are attched. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP! Thanks, Kam
  8. Hi there, I have had the r2 for a few weeks now and i am getting beyond frustrated with my game connection. I bought this router to eliminate lag not to add it. The lag in my games is so bad i get kicked out of game server whilst in middle of the game hence losing points/bonus for my game play! I need some serious help in configuring this "router" as its perfor.ing way worse than my isp router which is saying something in itself!! See the attached screenshot for ref... Hope you can help otherwise i have wasted £130 on junk. Eagerly waiting your reply! log-1603411568800.txt
  9. Thanks Fraser, the update has seamed to correct the issue however lagging problems still persist. Whilst the game is playing my upload speeds are extremely low even though i get 18mbps via my isp. When i do a speed test on netduma these speeds are confirmed. However when i play my game the download speed stay in the range of 47-68mbps but the download speeds drop from the range of 9-18mbps to 325kbps-2.1mbps, which impacts my experience a lot! As i am not that technical i don't know what''s going on. Can you help here please? Thanks, Kam
  10. Thanks Fraser. Also if you can explain why does my Ping heat map not load? See screenshot attached.
  11. Hi, I am new to Net Duma and have recently bought the R2. However i am having issues in adding my playstation as a device in the Geo Filter section. When i try to add, i chose the PS4 as a device and select "Recommend a mode for my game" option. After clicking next i select Fortnight as the game but get an error message saying "Unable to install because some filters are overlapping" See screenshots attached. Maybe i am doing something incorrect but i can't figure it out, so can someone please assist me? Thanks, Kam
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