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  1. I have been on the new firmware before but had a lot of issues. Since receiving the new replacement router i have left the existing firmware which has been working well for me. Recently i have had some issues with weak signal but that has improved by changing channels but its not a perfect fix. SO was thinking to change the channel width? Am i along the right lines here?
  2. Hi There, Just a quick question - How do i change the WIDTH on my selected WIFI Channel within the R2? I have attached a screenshot for reference as i do not see the option. Am i on the right page to do this? Please help! Thanks, Kam
  3. @Netduma Fraser - I have reinstalled the firmware but now the dashboards or other rapps are not loading. I get the following message below... This has been the case for more than 16 hours. Before you ask - i have reset the router and this has not improved anything. FRASER - It's not looking good buddy. With this router.. it's one issue after the other! Maybe the router itself is faulty? Can i send it back for a replacement?
  4. @Netduma Fraser - Hello any resolution to my problem?
  5. Ping Under Load test shows what the connection could be were your connection saturated, if it doesn't become saturated then your ping won't be that high. The R2 is the cause why my connection is saturated as it does not happen with my ISP hub. So my question is how do i fix this? I want low ping (that is the point of this router). When you say you're giving your device 100% bandwidth is that with Bandwidth Allocation? YES What settings are you using for Traffic Prioritization? Are you talking about congestion control? If so all my devices share equal bandwidth until i game or do work then i will allocate maximum bandwidth to these devices. Even though i do this i suffer from extreme latency and connection dropouts on the devices, doesn't matter if i allocate 100% bandwidth or not, it's the same. If you are talking about the Traffic controller, then i have nothing set up on this. It may be best to disable QoS entirely from the Congestion Control 3 line option menu and see what your speeds are and whether they stay consistent. Do you mean set congestion control to "Never"? I have now done this but this again has not improved anything. For the error I haven't seen that specifically before, I think a reset would fix it I have factory reset the R2 but this has not changed anything, still getting the error message and now getting the same error message when i am trying to change bandwidth for specific devices!! WHAT WILL NETDUMA DO TO FIX THIS ERROR AS I DO NOT WANT TO JUST LIVE WITH IT! but it's possible the upgrade was corrupt when you did it Possibly - I was one of the first customers to try out the beta version upgrade. Before the upgrade i was having some minor issues so was recommended to upgrade to new firmware. However after upgrading the R2 has not performed optimally and has got extremely worse. so reinstalling followed by a reset could help, it also could be the reason you're having weird speeds based on the content of the error. OK - So how do i reinstall the upgrade?
  6. Also on the hub give the R2 a static IP, that should help with disconnections. Assigned the R2 static IP and since then have had only one disconnection issue (it's only been an hour though), so fingers crossed this improves it. Now that you've set up the two routers correctly you should be able to fine tune your Congestion Control percentages to get the Ping Under Load results more stable, does it react more now to your changes? After assigning the R2 a static IP i got a few weird results (see pictures attached). However once i changed/tested the percentage sliders in QoS, results got back to normal (meaning ping underload is around 60ms). I need this fixing as i think this maybe the cause of my problems. You're using QoS I assume so that will lower your speeds when active. I am using QoS but when doing speed test i am giving my device 100% bandwidth so this should not lower my speeds. Still my DL speeds are 50% lower (30-33mbs) i need to understand why? How can i run at full speeds? Also please advise why when running speedtest on PS4 my DL speeds are normal (60-68mbs) but my uploads are around 300-400kbs (should be 18mbs)? This is seriously affecting my game play and causing huge latency, packet and button delay. What does not make sense is when playing online, the game ping is under 30ms but still i suffer from extreme latency. WHY??? What are the QoS settings you're using currently? I am leaving my sliders at 70% for both DL & UL. i have tested other percentages and nothing has improved my situation. So do i assume the congestion control auto setup functionality is now redundant/broken for me as this error message is not going away? RPC error 'ERROR_CMDFAIL': Exec 'tc qdisc add dev eth0.2 root handle 2: prio bands 4 priomap 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0' failed with 126 Thanks Kam
  7. Just tried everything you suggested. Still getting RPC error message, having regular connection drop outs, download under load results are unstable peaking around 100ms latency. When on PS4 after each laggy game i quickly do a speed test and notice although my DL speeds are around 60mbs my upload is hitting around 340kbs (no wonder i'm lagging hard). When i repeat the test straight away the UL speeds are back to normal to 10-17mbs. Its not my isp, my hub, my line, my cables everything work fine until the R2 is plugged in. ALL I WANT IS THIS BLOODY ROUTER TO WORK!!! CAN YOU HELP?!! See attached another connection benchmark test after applying all the changes suggested. P.S - Also on Speedtest.net - get half of my download speed (30-33mbs) when logged in to R2 (See screen shot) but get full speed on my ISP router of 68mbs - Why is this?
  8. OK Thanks - I am trying this now. Will keep you posted.
  9. What is your exact physical setup? What is the model of the modem/router connected to the R2 and how have you set it up to work with the R2? I use BT Smarthub 6 which connects to the NetDuma R2. ( For physical setup See attached Pic). I have not set the smarthub specifically to work with the R2 as it connects automatically. Am i suppose to? How and what do i EXACTLY need to do? What web browser/device are you using the interface on? I use Chrome and safari. Are you using HTTPS or HTTP to view the interface? - I type this in and it works.
  10. I keep getting this error when ever i try changing anything and this is now becoming beyond a joke. RPC error 'ERROR_CMDFAIL': Exec 'tc qdisc add dev eth0.2 root handle 2: prio bands 4 priomap 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0' failed with 126 I was tired of my ISP excuses why i was getting lag in my game play so thought i'd buy a professional gaming router - so chose NetDuma and What a waste of money! I have had so many issues and all you get for help is, change this setting or that and even if you do nothing ever works. Now i've spent my money i can't do nothing about it but to live with it but never again i will buy anything from NetDuma or advise anyone else in doing so. I just want to know - if you can help fix this (upteempth) issue for me - YES OR NO? If not this so called router is going in the bin! P.S - I have uploaded a couple of screen shot which i hope help. I also experience frequent drop outs on all my devices from mobile phones, tablets, laptops and PS4 (even when wired!) but not when connected to my ISP router. My ping underload (download) tests are insane and as browsing or playing online i can feel the packet delays causing extreme lag. by the way i am on the .179 firmware version. Thanks in advance for your help! Kam
  11. i am having the same issues - Any help on this Fraser?
  12. i can not ping any server from Geo-Filter or maybe i dont know how to? Share Excess: How do i turn this off? RE: QoS settings & traffic prioritisation rules, see attached screen shots. If i allow remote access to tech support can they take a look at my set up and figure out where i am going wrong, as we have been circling around this issue for 6 days now without any resolution. It would be faster this way. Thanks Kam
  13. As Wilsonbx198st mentioned above i have put both my DL & UL sliders to 70% and the Geo Filter radius is capped at 800miles. Done a connection benchmark test and my base ping & ping underload is lower than 10ms, as you say it's pretty good. Ive disabled the filtering mode on Geo-filter and i have pinged the fortnite servers (UK), chose the 2 best ones (ping under 20ms) and saved them in my custom list. I then played the game and the game was unplayable in most patches. I had a lot of packet loss and my ping was erratic from 200ms-1056ms (according to the stats on fortnite). Many times i was kicked out of the game or the game froze for 5-10sec. I have uploaded a picture of realtime game play showing the stats on netduma and on Fortnite. The stats don't match up. Just incase the picture is not clear: Whilst playing, R2 shows the servers that i have connected with for fortnite is giving me ping under 15ms but the game shows my ping as 894 with 1-8% packet loss! Also when i do a speed test in PS4, my DL & UL speeds are ridiculous giving me less than 1mb UL & DL (see pic attached) @Netduma FraserPlease explain?
  14. * If i don't use the Auto setup then i have to manually adjust my UP & DL sliders. I tried this but the ping continues to be insane. *After factory reset i changed nothing apart from doing the auto-setup test, `added PS4 as device and then ran benchmark tests. It's been 5 days now and still no resolution???
  15. Hi Fraser, I have installed the latest update and factory reset the R2. I have found my issues to persist and whilst doing the congestion control & connection benchmark test i have found my ping highly unstable (worse than before), see screenshots attached. Due to this router causing highly unstable connection and real slow speeds loading pages on the browser, for now i have switched back to my ISP router hence making the R2 redundant and waste of money. Please help me set up this router asap! Thanks, Kam
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