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  1. Oh, thats fair. I'm not upset overall, just was wondering and needed to be educated on how to use this router to its fullest capabilities. If it won't reach 1000 I don't need to pay for that and can easily redo my plan to 750, saves me some money.
  2. Quick question, what are the steps to get my ping lower than it is? Are they the same steps you listed at the end of your message?
  3. So essentially, with a gig I don't need QoS, what is the point to use the router. I'm just curious since with QoS disabled completely I'm still limited. I understand that the router can't handle that high of connections. I did not know this before I made the purchase, this would have been a highly important thing to know. I guess that's a failing on my part to lack of research. I'm not using the VPN, I could just as easily port forward through my ISP, is it just the Geo filter? Should I downgrade my isp speed to 750 then? Since I'm not getting above 750?
  4. Ive yet to reach the speed with a Router attached to my network, I have theNetduma R2 and it can barely pull down 700+, without the router and directly connected to the ISP (Technicolor modem) I can get 900+ I dont have another router to test and ive updated to the latest firmware and turned off congestion control and any other throttling limiters. Ive done both Becnhmark tests in the Browser router interface and through speed test on both the browser site and the app program. Im so confused. log-1604273226721.txt
  5. Wasnt able to yesterday, disconnected it and let it sit for 24 hours. Recently completed a factory reset on it and its working so far. I will attempt to use the new firmware once its fully up and running
  6. You are not alone, man. This thing has caused me nothing but headaches since I got it.
  7. So last night I have my PS4 on my entertainment center hooked to the 2.4 wifi and suddenly start getting insanely low download and upload, like 4mb/s down and 400k/bs up, when my connection is 1000 down and 100 up, tried troubleshooting, by resetting PS4, then router, then router and ISP modem, nothing. Went to bed angry about having to troubleshoot this router again and again day after day, at least it was functioning for the rest of my devices properly, but no it really hasnt. Fast forward to today, I wake up and fresh to have another go from a different perspective at it and find that now my router isnt accepting ANY signals from the ISP modem. I reset router, reset ISP modem and nothing, no internet. I disconnect router and connect computer DIRECTLY to ISP modem, all my internet is back and my speeds are now 950+ MB/s and 100 MB/s upload, dumbfounded and in utter shock, I reconnect the Duma R2 router and... Nothing... No signals are getting through, Ive replaced ALL of the cables with new CAT6 cables, ive factory reset the modem, ive run the diagnostic tool on the network adapter on my PC and nothing. This "new" firmware thats supposed to be coming out for weeks now seems nowhere in sight, but I cant even get into DumaOs because the router refuses any and all internet connections. What. Is. Wrong. With. This. Router?
  8. This is mine, not sure how to optimize it. Im supposed to have a 1000 MB/s download and 100 MB/s upload, upload is fine but cant seem to break 650 mb/s download. Currently have SET BANDWIDTH SPEEDS to 800 MB/s and Upload to 105 MB/s Any help is greatly appreciated.
  9. So I think ive set everything up properly now, just today decided to upgrade my internet from 600 MB/s down and 20 MB/s up into 1000MB/s down and 100MB/s down. Ran a few tests with Netduma connected and cant seem to get to it break 670MB while connected wired to R2 with Cat6 for all cables. Decided to test PC directly connected to ISP modem with Cat6 cable and got routinely 900+/100 MBs, swapped back to connected to R2 and cant break 700, wondering where Im losing 200Mb/s Ive turned off QoS congestion control and set bandwidth to 1000 down and 100 up. Ive turned off geo-filter.
  10. Avalon2099


  11. So Transmission is working fine now, speeds of 20 Mbs+ thats no longer a real issue. The main issue now is getting Plex on my PS4 Media center to recognize and see my Plex Media server on my PC which was working just fine before the R2 was set up, and now that its fully set up it is unable to see the server and thinks its offline. I have duplicated this error on my PS4 Pro which is on the same network and hardwired to the R2 router the same way that the Playstation media is wired. I have run through all the Plex troubleshooting and its no help. It looks like the PC is unable to "handshake" with any external devices on the network to allow the sharing of media. UPDATE: I am dumb, and had on a lark decided to check Firewall settings and found that for some reason that my Window Firewall had decided in its infinite wisdom upon installing the R2 router to create a block rule for inbound connections to Plex Media Server, this has since been remedied and tested to be working as intended going forward. Thank you so much for your continued assistance in this!
  12. ISP is Shaw Cable - Pay/Expect 600 MB Down - 20 MB Upload D/L rate for Transmission pre-R2 was roughly 15-20 MB/s given enough seeds. Disabling uTp on Transmission helped, performing better. Disabled Mirror mode, found that I couldnt choose which network a device connected to Wirelessly, or they only seemed to connect to the 2.4Ghz while it was enabled.
  13. Transmission was working before I added the R2 with good download speeds, its still working after ive added the R2, but download speeds are pretty much capped at 5mb/s (not super slow by any means but much slower than it was before) When disabling Geo-filter, speed does not increase or decrease, works with Geo-filter on in Filtering mode or off. As you can see on the Network map, I have my 2.4 and 5ghz Wifi enabled, and my phones are on the 5 and my wireless printer and smart watch is on the 2.4, the R2 is the only device directly connected to the ISP Modem and the only wired devices connected to the R2 are my PC (plex server), Ps4 Pro (main gaming console) and my PS4 (Tv media center - the one I want to connect to the Plex) it was connecting just fine before I added the R2, whether Wireless or Wired.
  14. Tried that port and its saying its closed, tried a bunch of ports around that number and still saying closed (per the Transmission app) Connected the TV PS4 hardwired into the R2 instead of the ISP modem, Plex server still not accessible by any device other than PC that houses the server. I also tried setting my Shaw Technicolor ISP modem into bridge mode, but that just disconnected the ISP and no internet was coming through at that point. Ive also disabled the Wifi that comes with the ISP modem and am only using the R2 for wired and wifi connections now. I apologize as I am not very well versed in Networking setup and for the questions and I know your time is limited as your very busy, I appreciate any help you give
  15. Hi there I have done this and its working, now im having a different issue. I use Transmission for my bit torrents and the download speed is incredibly slow compared to before I set up the router, is there a function or setting I need to tweak to allow faster speeds? Also my media center PS4 is wired directly to ISP modem and when it tries to access my main computers Plex Media server, it cant seem to connect? My main computer is connected to the R2.
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