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  1. How can I do this on the Netduma, when I toggled disable automatic DNS then enter the path I want, it doesn't save?
  2. If we're on the original firmware, is "flushing the cloud" the same as "apply cloud settings"?
  3. I recommend you revert back to old firmware, found games straight away on it vs DumaOS.
  4. Not gunna lie, I've tried everything on the Duma OS but the last week finding games has been awful. I just reverted back to previous software, same settings, found games instantly and great ping/connection.
  5. I decided to factory reset the router to see if it fixed the issues with Bo4, but I've left it now for 5 minutes and the router hasn't reconnected so now I have no WiFi. Any ideas?
  6. Nope, I don't touch it. Will do some more testing this week.
  7. I've found that if I leave a game early for whatever reason, that's when problems arise when trying to join another game. Lobby not joinable etc. I have to restart the game if I do this, anyone else finding this issue?
  8. Just to clarify, are you refering to the "Anti-Bufferbloat" and amending that to 99/99 or so?
  9. Rebooted it again and it seems to have fixed it, thanks anyways.
  10. It's been atleast 30 minutes now. It just hangs at the moment.
  11. It was working fine, then I rebooted router and now a few apps don't work, e.g QoS, Network settings, it just hangs then eventually pops up with R-App not loading. I've cleared browser cache, reset PC etc. Any idea?
  12. Last couple of days I've only joined peer servers never dedicated? Haven't changed settings, anyone else seeing this?
  13. My PS4 is Nat Type 2 and CoD is Moderate... do I delete all port forwarding rules on netduma and sky router?
  14. This is in CoD itself when checking the network. Will try that tonight and let you know, thanks.
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