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  1. It has come to a point where the router feels like a parody on routers. I given up on Wi-Fi, disabled it completely and connected a Deco for Wi-Fi (which BTW provides exponentially faster, consistent and stable Wi-Fi than the router) , and since then Geo Filter became a complete mess. every couple of minutes it starts complaining of Rapp not loaded, and only reboot helps (until the next time it happens after a few minutes). I really don't understand how such a simple component that only draws a couple of shapes on top of a static map can fail so consistently, and I really don't know what else to do. Reboot router? done every few minutes; Increase retries? Done (why do I even need to set it my self and why do you even have components that need several retries to load?); Factory reset? done also. Does this really seem to you like a normal user experience? does your developers even check the version they release every 6 months before they release it? because there is no way a tested version would be released in this state. Geo filter is the only reason I don't replace your router with literally any other router, and this also stopped working. any suggestions?
  2. Mirror settings for 2.4 and 5? also, can you provide some info on why we're testing this workaround? what's the difference between Guest and main, other than not being able to set channel and frequencies in Guest (which I guess means it's automatic)?
  3. Did the suggested steps, when using single WiFi network it kept disconnecting or even wasn't discoverable. Switched back to separate networks, 2.4 is now a little faster but still too slow, 5G is as before - useless, doesn't even appear in scans. The state of WiFi in this router (which should be its most trivial and stable feature, after all - it is a router) is just poor, and honestly you shouldn't be selling it in this condition. I really don't know what else to do, and more than that - if there's something that can be done at all.
  4. So basically just do a normal setup (after reset through hardware button) with only modifications to channels and widths? and then another soft reset (Reboot)?
  5. Reset after setting WiFi? did through software (Reboot). Regarding 5g - it is completely useless since previous builds, most of the time it doesn't even show up when scanning for WiFi network, and when it does show it disconnects after a few minutes. In 205 it doesn't show in scans.
  6. Hi, After upgrading to 205 (including factory reset and disabling WiFi mirroring) WiFi speeds have become simply unusable. I have 1000DL/100UL fiber connection but I get at most ~15mbps DL speed on SpeedTest when testing 0.5m from the router. QOS and Congestion control are disabled. I tried setting different channels and frequencies based on WiFi analyzer, nothing helps. Any suggestions?
  7. It is connected to a DLink Media Converter, meaning it gets Internet the same as the ISP router would get.
  8. Not sure I understand... I have my router connected directly to my DLink adapter, and I have both wireless and wired devices connected to R2
  9. Thanks for the explanation. regarding speed settings - yes, I did.
  10. Hi, So just installed the update and did a Factory reset, don't have many impressions yet as it is just been installed. One thing I noticed though (not sure if regression in this version) - connection benchmark shows values that are wrong - for example it shows my DL speed is 27 mbps and my ping is ~60. I have 1000/100 Fiber connection, and on SpeedTest I get much more accurate results (800DL/90UL/1ms). What are you testing against? is the test done again some very far away server or is this a bug? And another issue - what's the impact of the default 12 hours DHCP lease time? does it mean devices will be disconnected after 12 hours or just renew their IPs seamlessly? What's the maximum applicable value for lease time? and also, are you planning to add an option to not release assigned IPs?
  11. Thanks, I'll update and try... I recommend you update "Latest Firmwares", it still shows 3.0.179
  12. Now ping shows again but ping assist doesn't. when I set ping assist above 0 it just finds opponents with any ping (obviously much higher than what I set) and way outside my polygons or radius. Seriously, this router is at a state where you should just recall it and re-sell it when it's working, currently - based on my experience and other posts in this forum - literally almost nothing works, not just by the standards you aim to set in you're promos but even by the standards of a cheap 30$ router. And on top of that, you don't even bother with publishing updates or fixes for months. This is truly a huge disrespect to your paying customers who thought they bought a working router just to end up being alpha testers for this dis-functional product.
  13. It was pinned... I used to have auto ping update on the dashboard until this issue started. Anyways, did your suggested steps (unpinned then pinned again), auto ping is still grayed, I'll check later if auto ping updates.
  14. Just followed the steps above... I noticed this happens only in dashboard view, in Geo Filter Auto Ping is not disabled. I've disabled fast search and ping assist, but since I've set ping assist once router ignores me disabling it and keeps matching me with players displayed as ping assist players which are outside my Radar and obviously, with higher ping.
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