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  1. Didn't try, not critical for now, just FYI
  2. Hi, Two issues: Why was Fifa removed from Servers list in Ping Heatmap? Pings list on the right became a mess Here is a screenshot that illustrates both issue: Thanks.
  3. Not rooted, but I assume if you run it on one of the devices I mentioned you'll get the same behavior. App crashes at start, so I guess it's some compatibility issue with newer Android builds.
  4. Anyways, I don't really mind not having an app for it (though it could be nice), main issue I wanted to raise is not being able to navigate in Geo Filter map from a mobile device using a web browser.
  5. I uninstalled and reinstalled so cache and data are deleted, and it happens on many devices after restart.
  6. Done many times, app always crashes before even starting. This BTW also happened on my previous device (Note 8).
  7. Which app, Android app? it doesn't even open, crashes at start.
  8. Version 205 (but happened in all previous versions also), Android devices (S6 Tablet and S21 Ultra)
  9. Hi, When I try to use geo filter from a mobile device, geo filter map does not respond to touch (can not navigate or zoom in/out). This along with the mobile app not working (crashes before even opening) makes geo filter unusable from mobile devices.
  10. OK thanks, so - just for knowledge, what is the Enable remote access checkbox for? how is it accessed remotely?
  11. I set QOS on R2 because I have a PC connected to it (otherwise I won't be able to see Geo Filter). I can't put all devices connected to R2 (why would I need my Asus router then?), I had too many issues with R2 and I can't rely on it to provide good and stable internet, especially on WiFi. So, If I put R2 in DMZ, but I have 2 devices connected to R2, don't I still need it to forward relevant ports to PS4? and don't I need to set QOS to make sure PC doesn't become a bottleneck? I tried accessing R2 web interface from Asus router (which will enable having only PS4 connected to R2 thus not needing QOS), but I was told by you guys that it is not possible.
  12. Hi, I have an Asus rt-ax82u router which I use as my main router for WiFi, QOS, LAN etc and my NetdumaR2 router is connected to it through it's gaming port. I also set it to highest priority and defined Fifa 21 port forwarding to it. In NetdumaR2 I have disabled WiFi and I have only my PS4 and PC connected to it (wired), and I set same port forwarding rules in it for my PS4. I also set it to have high priority in QOS page. However, I'm experiencing a very noticeable lag/input delay when using it compared to when using only my Asus router (with PS4 prioritized and port forwarding set to it), even though ping is significantly higher when using Asus router (because I don't have a Geo-Filter option in it). This is the same also when comparing playing against friends in the described configurations. What can be the cause of it? am I missing something in my settings or doing something wrong? Basically I want NetdumaR2 to be used only for Geo-Filter, so feel free to suggest disabling anything that is not necessary. Thanks.
  13. Hi, I disabled DMZ on both Asus router and Netduma R2 and enabled remote connection for tech support, but I still cannot connect to Netduma web interface unless connected directly to it. Is there something that can be done?
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