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  1. Hi, after a few days I think enabling STP had a positive affect, WiFi seems more stable (though there are still disconnections, but not as often).
  2. Factory reset was done several times (besides the one done after installing). The router is indeed need electrical equipment (sits on top of my PS4 because of temporary shortage of space), but was the same when it was placed only with the D-Link modem...
  3. All equipment, and usually I need to disable WiFi for the device and re-enable after a few seconds. in less frequent cases only router restart helps.
  4. BTW - I'm using PPPoE, can it cause issues? I use to have DHCP connection from my ISP and router seemed more stable (many versions ago and different home though)
  5. Thanks, I've already done most things based on suggestions on other posts (disable mirroring, lease time 168, use channels based on WiFi analyzer). Currently 5G network is completely unusable (tried Auto, 80 and 40) - disconnects every few seconds and very poor distance coverage, 2.4G is more stable but still disconnects after short periods (though not as short as 5G). I'll try other suggestions and see if it helps. BTW - one more thing worth mentioning to developers - it seems that router becomes less and less stable as a function of time, meaning it probably has memory leaks or internal invalid states, so it has to be restarted every couple of days. Hope it will be resolved soon, thanks.
  6. We're talking about WiFi, not some SW issue, it is a major showstopper and probably the most important feature of a router (regardless of it being a gaming router). Such issues should be addressed immediately by providing patches to current build and not as part of an overall build, you're basically telling us to have an unusable router until next build is ready, and it's not like you're releasing a version every week, there are very long periods between builds.
  7. Hi, WiFi is constantly unstable, I can't remember when was the last time where it worked for more than 2 hours without having to restart - including devices that are literally 1 meter away from the router without any obstacle in between. Is this a software issue or a hardware issue? is it both? If you have a more stable version (WiFi wise), please send it. Also, a suggestion - instead of individually sending RC versions, just publish them in dedicated threads, this will also help you get much better feedback before releasing formal versions.
  8. I don't understand how a router that's supposed to stabilize gaming experience is delivered in such poor state. We are basically you're QA for a product which is at best at alpha stage. So many problems, so many bugs, this is seriously one of the worst products I've experienced. LITERALLY NOTHING WORKS: * WIFI is poor * Applications become unresponsive after a couple of days * Geo filter stopped working * Gaming feels much worst than without this router Seriously, how did you published a product in such poor state?
  9. Not using mirror mode. Please just send me a link to the previous version, all my WIFI in my house became a complete mess and I don't have the time nor the energy for testing random suggestions.
  10. Where did you get 123 from? I want to revert too...
  11. Still the same, wifi is poor. In general, I don't need to have to use a WIFI analyzer to succeed getting WIFI strength as I get from my ISP, I bought this router to improve my experience, not degrade it.
  12. After this update my WIFI became very unstable and seem to have very short range compare to previous version (and both versions seem to have shorter range than ISP router). I now can't even connect in my Bedroom to the WIFI, connection is very unstable and disconnects frequently.
  13. Hi, Since I got the R2 router I consistently have issues and overall it just feels like using a beta version of the product, not an official release (and on that matter, why wasn't there any FW update for so long?). Issues I have: * Geo filter not filtering - although I'm on filtering mode. I set some polygons and they seem to be ignored - I get connected to servers outside the polygons * Ping heatmap stops loading after couple of days, only restart fixes it * Router performance degrades over time, and needs to be restarted every few days * QOS and congestion control are determined by speed tests that are widely inaccurate, seems like the speed test is done to some very remote server, I end up limiting my bandwidth just to get correct priorities * Wi-Fi speeds are substantially lower than those I get when using ISP router This is very frustrating, the purpose of buying a gaming router is to deal with configuration once and have the desired behavior afterwards. I'm seriously considering purchasing another router, this is not the experience I expected to get from a router that promised so much.
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