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  1. Hi! I am having an issue on my Netgear XR500 where when i login to the router, none of the apps open. All of the windows have loading screens except for the Geo-FIlter map and the anti buffer bloat. They keep loading forever and an error pops up saying R-APP is taking too long, please try again in a minute. I have tried clearing cookies and used different browsers. The issue has suddenly started since yesterday and i have not changed any settings
  2. Okay! I have waited, refreshed and tried again, but the same error appears, so I’m not sure if it actually applied. And no, I haven’t changed any settings since I bought the router and set up the Geo-Filter in June. I occasionally set the ping assist up and down and nothing else apart from that
  3. The geofilter still isn't working. I cant even use flush cloud. It always says there is an error. Ive tried different browsers, factory resetting the router, nothing seems to work!
  4. Username is the same as this one, RaulMenendez_Xx Any idea when i could get access to it? I feel like i am not making complete use of this router because of this issue
  5. Yes i have! Could you by any chance prioritize my beta? Cause having this router and still getting high pings is pretty frustrating. Also, why do you think this is happening all of a sudden? I mean it was fine until last week or so
  6. I’ve tried what Bert has advised. It still doesn’t seem to work. Few games, I connect to the dedicated server with 70 ping, but most of the games I’m connecting to peer and having greater than 150 ping. Also, I live in India, so the SEA server in Singapore is also pretty close to me. It shouldn’t actually give me ping higher than 70. The Geo-Filter worked pretty much fine until last week. Until last week, I never got into lobbies with >70ms.
  7. I have done the steps and i still seem to get higher ping games. Just realized that when i am connecting to a dedicated server, the ping is around 60-70, but most of the games, I am connecting via Peer. What is this and how do i fix this?
  8. This is how it appears. I am connecting outside my Geofilter radius
  9. I understand. But sometimes, although the Geo-FIlter radius is set only till SA, the EU and Amercan Servers also pop up randomly in a few games even though i have Filtering mode, strict mode, ping assist set at 70 and Fast search disabled. Those servers give me pings between 150-300 which makes it really difficult to play.
  10. It varies from Around 43-50ms. It shows up on Auto-Ping host, but in-game I think it actually connects me to the EU servers since the ping is always above 150. Rarely it is around 60-70
  11. As you can see, The SA server is always active. But from the past few days, I'm having really high ping games in Warzone on the PS4
  12. Hi, I have been using the Nighthawk XR500 for a month now. The Geo-filter worked pretty much fine until last week ensuring all games were around 70 ms. Now even though it is on strict mode, ping assist set to 70 and fast search is disabled, i find games with 150+ ping (The server in Saudi Arabia always shows up and also appears on Auto-Ping with around 55ms ping). But during matchmaking, most of the times i seem to not connect to the Saudi one and rather European or American ones. I have tried restarting the router, removing and adding the PS4 and it still doesn't seem to work. Please help me out since I am unable to figure out what has gone wrong.
  13. Hey, Thanks for the info. My issue is resolved. I got some settings changed by my ISP last week and now i have 0% Packet loss. Thanks anyway!
  14. PACKET LOSS FIX - WARZONE! Sorry for the delay. I got the packet loss issue fixed by talking to my ISP. He changed the Internet settings from DHCP to PPPoE and used the Google DNS as primary and CloudFare as secondary and the packet loss instantly vanished. I don't think it has anything to do with the router, especially when using these high end gaming routers. Try it out and let me know. It worked for me.
  15. Alright! I’ll try that out and update
  16. I get around 56-59 in most of the matches. In a couple of matches, I had around 270+ ping idk why. I put the Ps4 on 70%/70% in the QoS. Btw, just realised that I have the packet loss issue in ground war as well!
  17. Hey! The issue is fixed. I’m able to see a server in Saudi Arabia. But could you help me with the packet loss issue in warzone? I’ve tried everything I could think of!!
  18. No the packet loss issue still persists!
  19. I have tried all the steps mentioned above, but i still cant find any servers. They appeared when i opened the router from the box. After updating the firmware to the most recent one, i seem to not find any servers on the Geo-Filter
  20. Hey! I have setup the Geo-Filter Profile to Call of Duty and it picked up a radius of 3600KM automatically. I am unable to see any servers on the screen at all. I have also enables QoS and all the devices at home are connected to the XR
  21. Hi, I just bought a Nighthawk XR500 and I play Call of Duty Warzone on PS4 via Ethernet. I have a 200 MPBS Upload & Download Speed and i am constantly facing packet loss at the beginning of each game which makes the game unplayable. I thought changing the router would help, but it didn't. BTW I live in India and few of my friends who use the same ISP do not have the packet loss issue. Someone HELP ME OUT!!!!
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