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  1. Alright! I’ll try that out and update
  2. I get around 56-59 in most of the matches. In a couple of matches, I had around 270+ ping idk why. I put the Ps4 on 70%/70% in the QoS. Btw, just realised that I have the packet loss issue in ground war as well!
  3. Hey! The issue is fixed. I’m able to see a server in Saudi Arabia. But could you help me with the packet loss issue in warzone? I’ve tried everything I could think of!!
  4. No the packet loss issue still persists!
  5. I have tried all the steps mentioned above, but i still cant find any servers. They appeared when i opened the router from the box. After updating the firmware to the most recent one, i seem to not find any servers on the Geo-Filter
  6. Hey! I have setup the Geo-Filter Profile to Call of Duty and it picked up a radius of 3600KM automatically. I am unable to see any servers on the screen at all. I have also enables QoS and all the devices at home are connected to the XR
  7. Hi, I just bought a Nighthawk XR500 and I play Call of Duty Warzone on PS4 via Ethernet. I have a 200 MPBS Upload & Download Speed and i am constantly facing packet loss at the beginning of each game which makes the game unplayable. I thought changing the router would help, but it didn't. BTW I live in India and few of my friends who use the same ISP do not have the packet loss issue. Someone HELP ME OUT!!!!
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