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  1. Glad to hear! I've signed up for the beta ages ago (I guess June last year?) and still no news as of today! Thanks for keeping us posted.
  2. @Netduma Fraser hey mate, do you have any news regarding the beta for the XR300? I signed up some time ago and still had no news about it.
  3. Thanks Alex. I signed up for the beta already. Weird thing that there is no confirmation from email or something that you actually signed up.
  4. Hello again Bert. Do you have more information regarding this beta? Have any idea when and if it will be released for the XR300? Cheers, Leandro
  5. Hello guys, I recently bought a NETGEAR XR300 and yesterday I've been doing some tests with the QoS settings and found that the upload throttle is not working at all. I have set the Anti-Bufferbloat to 70% each way and checked the option to always apply the rule. For reference, my default download upload speed is 45/18 Mbps. What happens is after that is if I run a speed test on my computer, I can see that the download speed is being actually throttled as expected, however, the upload speed is always at max (around 18 Mbps). This causes bufferbloat and even lost packages when I run the ping test suggested in your guides. I have also tried to change the Bandwith allocation directly for my PC, defining a specific upload speed and unchecking the share excess option. It also doesn't work. Yesterday I tried to reinstall the firmware just in case, but no luck, the issue continues. Do you guys have any suggestions? My settings: The Speedtest result:
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