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    Klesk Reaver got a reaction from robert27841 in XR700 DumaOs 3.0 Beta   
    XR700 owner, but using an Asus router currently until DumaOS 3.0 then ill give it a go
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    Klesk Reaver reacted to Coyote305 in 3.0 walk through   
    i got it yall yall be safe yall are amazing thank you
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    Klesk Reaver got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Xr700 vs Xr1000   
    Hoping for 3.0 on my XR700 soon
    Ill keep my XR700, need the extra LAN ports, my previous Asus router has 8 ports but speed test caps at 430mbit, CPU hits 100% at that speed, XR700 reaches 945mbit without QoS and is probably my max speed anyway (gigabit plan)
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    Klesk Reaver got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in cant get open nat on modern warfare   
    I fixed this by calling my ISP and getting myself off their "CGNAT" (effectively causing a double-NAT scenario) UPnP or any port forwarding was not working at all until I got that rectified
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    Klesk Reaver got a reaction from Killhippie in Xr700   
    Surely the XR700 has a WAN throughput of at least 1gbps?
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    Klesk Reaver reacted to Killhippie in errors in log after dhcp app fail   
    Try reinstalling the latest firmware over the top of the present firmware, then factory reset from the pin, not the interface as if there is corruption you want to be not using the GUI at all. Netgear do recommend using the pinhole to reset. When you call Netgear support thats how they ask you to reset normally. Then setup from scratch not using a backup config. If this happens again after doing that contact Netgear for a RMA as you may have corrupted NVRAM so a hardware issue possibly. Really hope you can get this sorted.
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    Klesk Reaver got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Nintendo Switch on XR700   
    thanks guys!
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    Klesk Reaver got a reaction from Leo in Traffic Prioritization questions   
    Awesome, thanks for your replies guys,
    So the list of known games is not available to be seen anywhere? all good if not, ill just try them and add them manually if need be, Although it would be nice to know the games so that I can remove my manually added ports later if you add a game that is currently not on the list
    also I noticed there is an option to enable Telnet, is it possible that I could add ports to the priority list using a batch method later on if I reset router to factory settings?
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    Klesk Reaver got a reaction from Leo in Traffic Prioritization questions   
    Hey guys, just setup my new XR700, have been enjoying it thus far
    Just curious about a few things..
    1) Is there a list somewhere that tells you which games are under the "DumaOS Classified Games", does it mirror the list under "Basic" when you click "add device"? Does the list get updated by NetDuma team in a cloud or only from firmware updates?
    2) when setting up a game under the "Advanced" section, do I need to enter both the "Source" and "Destination" ports, or only the "Destination"? If the latter, do I leave the Source ports at 1-65535?
    3) I read somewhere that not all ports need to be prioritized for a game as it's not the same as port forwarding, example is UDP ports are typically gameplay packets while TCP are other things, Is there a way to find out exactly which ports need to be prioritized for each game? does it matter too much if I just find out which ports are typically used for port forwarding and just add them?
    4) If 2 PCs are playing the same game on the same router, do I just add both PCs to "add device" and use the same ports for both? Is that possible?
    5) I am currently playing Apex Legends on PC and have googled which ports are used for forwarding, but for prioritization I have only added the UDP ports and the TCP ports that have a matching UDP port number (see screenshot below) Is this a correct setup? It does appear to be working correctly, "High Priority Traffic Detection" light only comes on while playing

    Thanks for help in advance, this seems to be the only area of the router that isnt very straight-forward (not the routers fault) and lends itself to being difficult to set-up for future games
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