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  1. It’s not connecting on auto. That’s the issue. It just stopped connecting to the modem for whatever reason.
  2. I get internet from my modem to Xbox, so I know internet is working just fine. All of a sudden, the XR500 just stopped getting internet from the modem. I’ve rebooted, and reset both modem and XR500. Nothing. I’ve searched on here and set the XR500 as a static IP address. The light for internet will come back white instead of orange, meaning it’s pulling internet. But, no internet is actually coming through. It will even reset my XR500 ip address all by it self after clicking accept. I’ve included pictures just to get a reference. I don’t know what else to do. It’s never done this before.
  3. That’s the thing. I don’t have all that much latency on my network. Xbox, 2 smart TVs and my iPhone with 50% of it going to the Xbox on download, and 60% upload at all times.
  4. I think now I figured out what’s going on. It doesn’t happen until I get shot. Then it goes bonkers. Everything is fine but once I get shot, it’s like my frames drop or a lag spike hits.
  5. Maybe that’s what is happening to me in CQC fights? Input lag?
  6. This is what I’m averaging every time I do a test. Right now I’m set as 15/100 on ABB, moving it around doesn’t do too much but it’s not as horrible in CQC fights. Idk I’ll tinker with it more. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
  7. Thanks I’ll try both and see what I’ll get and post results.
  8. I am using both Geo and QoS. QoS is typical settings. 75/80.. put my Xbox in traffic prioritization, with it getting 50% of bandwidth vs other devices but on router. Geo is around 600 miles from my location, strict on, no fast search. Filtering mode.
  9. OG R1 couldn’t hack it anymore. Playing on Xbox One X. Everything works great, except for one thing.. and it’s becoming a real strain. Getting into CQC fights, it’s like I have this quick freeze or lag spike animation when I get close to killing them and they even drop shot or what not. I’m shooting the guy as usual, hit reg is normal then after I break shield (WarZone) it’s like my bullet reg just stops working and I’m dead bc of the quick freeze/stutter/lag spike going on. Doesn’t happen 100% of the time, but I say 7/10 CQC gun fights it’ll happen. How can I fix this? Thanks.
  10. Yes geo-filter is enabled. Disabled it and was able to play full matches..
  11. Starters, I have the original R1. Haven’t updated in a long time. So that might be some issue, but finally getting back into COD and using my R1. Got everything going, but trying to play WarZone and it’ll go to a lobby, wait for people to load in and it’ll kick me offline from the servers. Idk what’s the best settings, ports and so forth. It’s been a little bit and trying to get the hang of it again. don’t have access to a CPU to update firmware. Idk I’d there’s any other way to do so... any help would be appreciated.
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