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  1. Thanks for that! A technician is coming tomorrow so I will find out how everything goes.
  2. I tried VPN, NordVPN to be exact, and no luck there. Gave me way worse ping and actual packet loss. I am still dealing with this. I did a traceroute and now my first hop(XR500 IP), has high ping. Here is the traceroute:
  3. On topic on where I'm left at, I have factory reset my modem and XR500 endless times trying different techniques hoping to maybe fix something. My modem and router both have different WAN IPs and WAN Gateways. All 4 IP's for the two on the modem and the two on the router are completely different. Example:,,, etc. The Subnet for the modem is, while the router configured itself to be Regardless, my routing is absolutely terrible. I can not turn off the modem's(XB6 Gateway bridged) DHCP , so I tried disabling the XR500's so maybe it wouldn't complicate things. Comcast's stupid Gateway is so limited. I want to turn off IPV6 on the modem but I can't.
  4. At this point, I have almost given up. They still have not fixed the issue, and they act dumb-founded when I tell them the issues with my routing and ping. The tech's who have come act clueless to the problem and the last one said he can see about getting maintenance out, I said Yes please do that. No one ever came. Agents have said we promise this tech this time will fix it. They didn't. They said they would have a Tier 3 Comcast employee contact me and help me fix it. Never received a call or email. A tech kept pulling my strings about getting another technician which is pointless at this point. After I said look I'm just going to go, I need maintenance, not a technician. She said Oh yeah yeah it will be maintenance, just accept the appointment. I am then immediately notified that a technician will come within a 2 hour window. I canceled it. Empty promises and terrible support. One agent gave me a number to call saying they specialize in fixing ping and routing, and said to call at 7am. I waited and called at that time and it was a sex 1-800 phone line. I laughed and just hung up. Just looking at that and all the terrible lies and no issues fixed, it pisses me off really bad. Where I live at there is no other good internet providers, yet for some reason I can get up to a 1 gig internet speed with Comcast. I'm exhausted and beyond desperate at this point to fix it, I almost don't even care anymore. My desire to game has died because everything is unplayable. I will respond back if anything changes or I come up with an idea. Thank you guys for all your help.
  5. Wow, thanks for the informative post. Yes, I believe my area needs maintenance. The last technician said another neighbor complained about their internet also having issues. As a gamer, ping is everything to me, and it went from 34 to 70, and that 70 feels like 120. It feels so jerky and like only half my shots are landing. I feel like they are throttling me bad, I am paying for 600, but on speed tests when it gets to 300 and keeps climbing, it immediately stops there at 300 and levels or falls down in the 200s. Perhaps its due to outside interference in the neighborhood, I have no clue. Well the sad news is my bad routing issues are back. For a bit I was connected to my servers again, but still experiencing some weird latency issues, though my latency was down to 45, but unstable. Now I am being placed back in Iowa State servers 16 hours away from me which has me at a 48ms ping while my state of Virginia is at a 70ms ping. Again, very unreliable. I am about to go insane. I have talked to at least 35 Comcast reps in the past 3 weeks. I do not believe the ping it is showing me because how am I getting better ping in an area half way across my country, yet the main server 2 hours from me is awful. My geolocation isn't too far off either, but it's like my ISP thinks I live half way across the country.
  6. Thank you. I guess I am going to need to ask for a new IP. I am getting terrible routing problems again. I am being put in servers again 16 hours away while the servers 1-2 hours from me has terrible ping. I don’t get it, I’m so beyond annoyed at this point. It makes me wish I appreciated the good clean internet I had 2 months ago. I’m going to contact Comcast right now about a new IP. 😕
  7. Thanks! I have a tech coming soon. The last one said something about needing maintenance that there’s an issue in the neighborhood, perhaps multiple complaints. Would a bad pole or wire OUTSIDE of my land give me issues with net speeds or ping? I have new wires running from my house to the pole.
  8. Ok so I should just keep my Gateway IP on the PS4 as the LAN IP( The only thing I hate is anytime I call Comcast they disable my Modem’s bridge mode to look into my modem for issues, and then I have to go back in and set it again and reset my modem and router. Can they actually change the IP from their location? Thanks.
  9. But wouldn’t there be a conflict with Gateway IP’s if my router is saying that foreign IP is the gateway, but the IPs I have issued to my devices are 192.168.1.XX? My PS4 has the Gateway as the, but the router gateway itself says the 76.XX.XXX.XX. I should have a dynamic IP, but it’s remained the same for a while. I turned off both the modem and router for 15 minutes and WAN IP remained the same, no IPs changed.
  10. And one last thing, I did a release and renew on Router settings. Results are below. Also pinged the random Gateway that I am linked too. I can’t change it to my router as my gateway. :/
  11. Also, what is the deal with my DHCP, IP, and Gateway all being the same? Anytime I put my gateway to, the internet don’t work even when I try running a new test on DumaOS. That has to be an issue right since that’s not even my gateway. I am getting a lot of “DoS attacks” and constant “DHCP Lease Change/ New event” prompts in my log.
  12. Thanks for the reply! The issue is very important. So I bought a AVP to clean my computer and it also checks for any problems or insecurities, I had a weird feeling I had a rogue DCHP. I looked under a feature that shows connected IPs to my network and there was like 6 different ones ranging from all kinds of crazy IPs. My router IP) was at the bottom of the list, and all the other ones were ones I’ve never even seen before. I deleted all of those and just kept my router IP on my network. I then noticed I was connected to my local servers again. Weird right? Coincidence? OPing, not as good as it was, is my urgent problem at the moment. Been trying different things like disabling QoS or setting the sliders to 70/70. Disabled Media Server. Tried Geo-Filter but I play Apex which is based on preset servers so I was testing it out between Filtered and Spectating. I noticed my ping fluctuates drastically and doubles in number every few seconds. What do you recommend on getting the lowest possible ping? Thank you for all your help so far.
  13. I ran a DNS test and Cloudflare was showing as the fastest server for me so I went with it. My ISP server was second. I live in the boonies and I have a 600mb Comcast plan, but I am only receiving anywhere from 90mb to 200mb of it. Latency is horrible. The only other ISP in my area only offer 5-20mb plans. No thank you.
  14. I will try OpenDNS when I get home. I believe a few weeks ago I ran a DNS Test and Cloudfare’s came in at first with speed and it’s secondary came in at third. I will try a different one. Does the DNS I pick make that big of a difference? Could that fix my issues? I ran another trace route this morning and it’s all messed up. It’s like slingshotting me in the worst directions and I’m ending up in the Midwest somewhere. I miss my low ping and consistent net speed.
  15. Thank you for the reply. What do you mean for the filtering ability? I put my DNS as cloudfire ( - This issue has been going on for a month with three different modems, I ran all new coax and wiring, had 4 techs come out. The problem persists. I just want to fix my ping problems.
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