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  1. from my own issues with a very similar problem i think the dhcp in the current build is flawed as it seems to be a time related thing im wondreing if its a memory leak but i have to reboot my x500 between 3-6 days regular as clockwork and sometimes takes more than 1 reboot like you i have been advised to set staic ips but then i have 35+ things on the network thats no small undertaking im holding out for the next firmware to hope and pray that fixes it else im afraid ill be shopping elsewhere
  2. So on a factory reset do you guys reload an old saved config or start fresh?
  3. i still have the old gear that was replaced would i switch the XR into AP mode or?
  4. Yes its handling PPPoE havent tried the static address i do have 1 item with a reserved ip so ill try to remember to check that next time having said that the xbox that couldn't get an ip earlier is wired and im on V2.3.2.56 firmware
  5. I asked this too on a different post they made changes to the default theme which is pushed via a cloud service to the routers i believe and it was misconfigured and this caused the issues not a firmware update
  6. So i took the plunge and bought a XR500 on black friday to replace an ageing but generally rock solid linksys ac3 router I Have been running Live with the xr500 since last Sunday 8th Dec and haven't managed to to last more than 3 days without having an issue im in the uk on bt fibre via an ECI 061513 VDSL modem plugged into the XR500 that is then connected directly to 2 pcs several switches a couple of EX7700's one on first floor 1 on 2nd so my problem seems to be dhcp based i belive every couple of days it just seems to refuse to give out new ip's the other day everything wired still worked ok but anything on wireless wouldnt get an ip and i couldnt log into the router directly using i just times out every time so hard reset started again this has happened a couple of times and now today trying to start up my lads xbox (was off not in standby) it wouldn't get an ip address and when i tried said dhcp wasnt responding router seemed ok could log in this time although 1 of the apps just constantly had the whirling icon and again desktops worked fine and could access web tried all the usual things i work in IT support BTW config is still pretty much as it was before i changed router only thing that was added was the 2nd EX ohh qos is disabled as thought that could be the problem im on latest firmware and running out of ideas as to what it could be please help while i have some hair left TIA PAul/Tallone
  7. so are we to take it from this this that some of the features/software arent actually hosted locally and are on your machines as nothing new has been downloaded?
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