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  1. Hey Fraser, just wanted to say thanks again for your all your help, you’re the man. Unfortunately at this point I’m almost positive that it has something to do with the upstream connection, either modem or upstream from there. You’re the man and I appreciate you greatly, you’ve taught me a lot ✊🏼 stay well brother
  2. Thanks man, but I tried all of that Including hard reset of modem, and the problem is still the same. Not sure what else to do. Ran several diagnostics from my PC that show latency spikes as well so I’ve eliminated the Xbox being the problem at least
  3. Was doing more research and came across something: could this be related to having the router plugged into a surge protector? its never not been but I’m looking for anything at this point
  4. One more thing I noticed: dumaOS never seems to register the Xbox as “online,” its always in the “offline” category in the network map no matter what. I think that happened before too though so I’m unsure
  5. Tried it and it’s still the same. Really makes no sense to me how this problem came out of nowhere. Latency jumps up from 50 to 170+ mid game and it D/Cs me and gives me the loss. Should I factory reset the router?
  6. Also here are the other things I’ve tried so far: changed ports on router changed/upgraded all cables reset modem, router, and Xbox (have not factory reset anything) flipped QoS off and back on (possibly could’ve contributed to it working for the one game although I have zero understanding of why it would help here), but I definitely need it on to be able to play
  7. Unfortunately that was one of the first things I tried and I’ve tried it multiple times since to no avail. It just seems that whenever the connection is wired it becomes extremely Inconsistent; latency and even upload speed bounce around. Also, below are some settings of note that I’ve had from before the issue started (and helped me to dial in good gameplay, thanks to your help from before ✊🏼)but no recent changes: download and upload throttled to 12mb/s and 1.1mb/s, respectively bufferbloat 75% both xbox IP reserved and several ports forwarded disabled SIPALG xbox is only priority device in QOS that’s pretty much it I think. It did work for one game smoothly but the other guy quit early so it was only half the normal length. Next game was unplayable and for every game since ping was all over the place both via the lobby indicator and pinging manually on dumaOS. I’m really at a loss 😞 any other words of wisdom are greatly appreciated, thank you again man
  8. Not that I can see. I even searched for multiple games with spectating mode on and the ping was even worse, and it’s jumping around like mad (you can see it in the pregame lobby). It never did that before. It was always stable around ~40ms until this recently happened. I’m looking at testing the Xbox’s Ethernet adapter in case it randomly developed a problem but unfortunately I don’t have any PCs with an Ethernet outlet in my home.
  9. Hey Fraser, thanks again for your replies. Unfortunately I’ve tried that and now the playing latency is through the roof once more (wired), in the game it shows it bouncing from 74 to 356 and everywhere in between. Do you have any more suggestions? I’m getting very frustrated at this point since I replaced the cable and tried everything else, and this problem seemed to pop up out of nowhere. Thank you again for all your help ✊🏼
  10. After diving deep into another forum and combining it with the advice you gave me, I switched Geo-filter on and off (I.e. put my Xbox in spectating mode and then back to filtering) and it seems to have stabilized now around ~54ms wired. Weird. When playing online I’d really like to keep it on since it forces a connection to the closest server to me, which I had dialed in before the sudden problems on Saturday. Is there any reason why this would work to resolve the wired issue (switching it on and off)? Also regarding IPV4/6, I think that was an aberration. It seemed to reconnect to IPv6 (which it had been before) in the following check of the wireless connection. Appreciate you sir 👍🏼
  11. Also the gameplay improved dramatically when I unplugged the Ethernet cord and played wirelessly. Is there something I might have missed? It seems the new Ethernet cord has helped a little but nowhere near the previous levels (last Friday). First gameplay issues I observed were Saturday and were resolved when unplugging but I still suffered from occasional speed-up lag associated from WiFi. Any other potential causes for a wired latency spike when everything else is constant? Thank you again for your time and expertise
  12. Thanks for your prompt reply! Unfortunately whatever happened is reversed as soon as I unplug the Ethernet cable, even with the new cat 8 one, latency goes back down. Please see screenshots, first is hard wired second is wireless. I don’t believe I changed any other settings when this started to occur, seemingly overnight. Please let me know what you think and thank you so much
  13. Hey all, I’ve encountered quite a doozy of a problem recently. I had all my settings optimized as of late and was FINALLY enjoying a good gameplay experience on FIFA. However, over the weekend I started experiencing insufferable lag and unresponsiveness, worse than ever before. I checked my diagnostics from the Xbox dashboard and was shocked to find that my ping had doubled. Especially troubling was the fact that when wireless, my ping was cut in half, under 60ms. I therefore concluded that something must’ve happened to my Ethernet cord, ordered a new one, and plugged it in today. Unfortunately, it wasn’t that simple. I’ve now found that the newly wired latency is around 100ms and wireless at 60ms (using a brand new cat8 cable for wired). Can anyone please help??? It took months to get my connection dialed in and I’m at a complete loss as to what caused the change. Thank you in Advance 🙏🏼 🙏🏼
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