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  1. Glad to see this finally happened. Little late to the signup party unfortunately, but I'm in.
  2. You know what, I'd rather not spam up the thread and just wait for the beta form, but if you are taking notes on it, I'd like to put my name up considering I'm stuck on .40 due to the DHCP renewal problems I had with .56. Unfortunately, .40 has its own issues with my 5ghz band with certain devices, but at least they're not router-breaking if I leave them on 2.4.
  3. Yeah, I'll give disabling QoS completely a try. Smart connect is disabled on the router. It's those new Wifi bulbs that use the Wiz app, they don't need the Hue hub. Would the guest wifi prevent me from accessing the bulb from the app if my phone is on the non-guest wifi? That's how I understand guest networks work anyways. As for being on the latest, I cannot go back to .56 due to a DHCP renew problem that drops connection every 30 minutes, .40 fixed that for me.
  4. Picked up a couple of those Philips Smart Wifi bulbs of the RGB variety from Home Depot today, they only operate on the 2.4ghz band. Noticed when I was setting them up that my XR500 restarted, and every other time I'd try to go through the setup process afterwards, the XR500 would reboot again. Just wondering if anybody else has any problems with these bulbs and this router? Seems odd that they're killing the router when trying to set them up. Should note I'm on the .40 firmware since .56 was causing me to lose connection during every DHCP renewal.
  5. Been away for a few weeks and haven't checked in, thanks for the response. I've tried multiple cables varying from cat5, cat5e, and cat6. I've done a factory reset, I've tried force updating the firmware to no avail. One thing I did actually notice was when the disconnects do happen, they actually are following a pattern. In Event Viewer when my adapters get disconnected, it's happening every 30 minutes on the dot, even the same seconds, and now I see in the monitoring logs on the router that I'm getting an "Internet Connected" message at the time I lose/regain connection, so now I'm assuming it is happening network wide instead of just my local devices. I'll update this post with a debug log in the next 20 minutes or if you'd prefer I can PM you the logs.
  6. That's good to hear at least. I started random disconnects that last about a second on ethernet only within the last week for some reason. I'm already on the latest firmware, but I re-updated it anyways with no help. Not sure why it only started within the last week, but it's frustrating wondering why a webpage won't load for a second, or a random freeze in a game. Again, no dropouts with wifi, only ethernet, so it'd be great to figure out why it started doing this all of a sudden. AFAIK, I haven't seen any Win10 updates that may have done something installed within the last week. I installed the latest ethernet drivers from Intel for my motherboard today and that didn't mitigate it either. Looked through my logs and didn't really see anything besides the occasional DOS/ACK scan and "[DumaOS] Error parsing line in ARP table: '"
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