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  1. Ok, so I rebooted my xr500 like said on that page. But now my xr500 doesn’t connect with the internet anymore (internet led is red) i didn’t change any settings
  2. ok, will do. then upgrade again liek last time? or keep it at the downgraded firmware?
  3. thank you, but is a factoriy reset really necessary? setting the internet up is a struggle
  4. Alright now I've had my issues with the DumaOS with the geofilter in the past. But with the help of the support we were able to fix all of the problems. From that point on everything perfectl and all was good. "too good" I thought. And now suddenly my connection worsened (again...) so I head into DumaOS to see what is happening only to be welcomed by this beautiful website: The "shorty" is now five hours. What is causing this? I emptied my browser cache, nothing changed.
  5. Okay, will do that! okay good to know! but sometimes i am only connected to a small icon, no big one (host) on the map
  6. So good things first: The Down- and Upgrade worked without any issues. The Auto Ping Problem is cleared, I have no more dotted outlines and dont connect to servers 1000 km away. Thank you! The ps4 party problem is not fixed however, we now talk via ingame chat. And if we play games we're the geofilter is not necessary, I either remove the ps4 from the geofilter or set it in spectator mode for the time we dont play CoD (what do you suggest: remove and add or switch between filter and spectator mode?) I played by myself after the down and upgrade and didnt have any issues lagwise or package loss wise at the moment (I hope it stays that way when I play with my friends later) I assume its the ps4 party that caused the problems(I tried to allow the ps party server in the US, didnt work) Also quick question(s): Why do the server/peer icons change size? What does the change in size mean? Also, this screenshot is while playing alone: Am I connected to 2 servers? or is that peer just a player in my lobby? Thank you for your help!
  7. Okay but down and upgrading doesn’t delete my internet connection settings? It was really hard setting it up for it to work
  8. Thank you for the answer. 1. But I have them already set to allowed before the console is on. Or do I have to allow them every time we go online (their ID don’t change) 2. I have 100 Mbit download and 40 upload. Wired connection and my ps4 has 70% in QoS. Yes I can ping it while autoping is on. 3. one time it was (ping assist set to 20) and one time it wasn’t (set to 0) 4. 70% ps4 up and download
  9. Okay, how can I downgrade the firmware ? Or is there a way to reset the geofilter settings?
  10. Yes, but even if I turn it off (I assume by putting the ping assist to zero) I still get the dotted circles i put the ping assist test wise at 20 and I get connected to Madrid and south of England, I don’t think I have such a low ping on such a distance
  11. Okay, I will do that, thanks! can you please Tell me why all of the sudden i get connected to servers / peers outside my radius (they have a dotted outline circle now)?
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