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  1. Alright, that did the trick setting router DNS to > turning DHCP off > rebooting & re-enabling it. Plugs & everything else is back on again. Thanks so much!! (Such a weird one!)
  2. Indeed I thought it odd too. I've never messed with the DNS settings in the router directly, just on 1 static IP computer. WIll try the above & report back!
  3. About an hour or so after. We were playing a game and it just went out, thought it was the net at first but found it odd the LAN pc's were fine, full speed test speeds. We never use smart connect even after factory resets so we have 2.4 & 5g signals, both signals give the same results. I tested something someone said in the schedule shutdown topic to set minimum DHCPs to 50 instead of 2. Didn't work "until" i set one of the iPads to static .2 Then suddenly wifi works on it again. But that's a problem because we have a LOT of devices I can't go into settings and do that for (Like smart plugs etc) Not sure how to fix this, seems like its DHCP related? (After some more testing, it's just the DNS which are usually all set to auto) I noticed on a lot of devices the DNS is same as router. I'm going around and changing those to instead of and that's seem to be working. But issue remains on devices I can't get into settings for.
  4. Suddenly our XR500 won't pass data to any devices over WIFI after updating to 130. My main gaming computer connected via LAN is fine. Things we've tried. - Multiple times, rebooting power of modem & router, not just clicking reboot. - Factory reset of the entire router multiple times while on 130 > back to 120 beta > now back to 114. - Logs show pretty much nothing. - Behavior shows on all devices on wifi, iPads, iPhones, Macs, Macbooks, another windows PC etc - It connects > gets an valid 192.168.1.xx IP > no errors about "connected but no internet" anywhere > starts to load web pages but stops around 20%, same behavior on all devices no matter what. Except the 2 PCs connected via LAN. It's almost like when you pick "Block device" but nothing is blocked. I even blocked & then unblocked a few wifi devices to be sure. - QOS disabled, DMZ to main computer enabled. but same behavior after turning it off & rebooting it all. - Network traffic meter is basically 0 unless I do something on main LAN pc. - Only 1 static IP set in router & on the main lan computer. 2nd computer on lan is dynamic and connects fine over LAN still. - Decided to run a test using TeamViewer because of it acting really weird. A WIFI computer "is" showing up in teamviewer as online, but when we try to connect to it, it fails. It's weird that it can see it though. Something in DUMA software is blocking traffic despite all of the reboots factory resets & firmware changes. Another way to describe the behavior u could say, is it's like you're trying to use a VPN and the service went out on you (We're not using a VPN, just describing behavior) It's "just" wifi data that isn't being passed at all. Not apps, not websites, not games/ps5, nothing.
  5. Im damn good with home networking stuff (work for apple) but once things hit enterprise level I admit I know absolutely nothing LOL Thanks for pointing me that way Johnny, will check it out
  6. Hmm, we have about 50 devices in the house. (Nothing special setup in the router except DMZ, so no VPNs etc etc) Some of the ones that it's done this with (But only the very first time ever connecting to the router where a reboot fixed it) - iPhone XS Max - 3 of the desktop macs 2012 models (The new 2017 5k one connected right away) - iPhone 8 Plus - iPhone SE - LG 65' 4k oled - PS Vita - Switch - (Both ps4s connected flawlessly the first try) - Desktop PC that was originally using an asus EAN66 via a lan cable for WiFI . (Asus wouldve had its own mac address seperate from PC but it passed some of the PC info into the router still, like the static IP I setup directly within windows) Occurred a 2nd time on this PC when switching to the Built in motherboard wireless Mumimo 802.11. I think it threw the router off because the PC name and mac address was the same but it was a different wifi mac address. (The name of the PC in the router was being bounced around as other device names each reboot randomly, of devices I setup awhile ago, very weird) Had to factory restore for that one to clear up.
  7. I've had this happen as well when a "new" device connects to the nighthawk. It's not 100% of the time, maybe 25% of the time. Used to be 100% when a new device connected but firmware "helped", it just didn't make it 100% fixed. A simple router reboot fixes it. Not looking for a fix since its easily fixed on a reboot, just thought I'd toss in that I've gotten it also, from the firmware that it came with all the way into 3 firmware updates later it persists. No big deal for me though.
  8. I'm one of the super lucky ones who is getting 10 GB service in the area (Yes 10, not 1gb) They offer 10gb both going up and down for only 299 a month (1gb is only 79$, BYE CHARTER lol) https://www.brightridge.com/home-service/broadband-products/high-speed-internet/fiber-optic/ However, can a Nighthawk Pro xr500 support this? Having issues finding this info, not surprised honestly lol By support it, I mean the full speed assuming other in home devices can support it too, obviously it would work in "general". If not, will it at least "actually" make the router "take off" (Joking, but also, kinda not LOL)
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