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  1. TCPUDP - Source Port (3074:3074) - Destination Port (3074:3074)XBOX Normal (default) (WAN) am only getting upload now packets no download packets and very slow packets going out
  2. CHEERS GUYS THING AM DOING IT WRONG LOL Unable to install because streams overlap.
  3. CPUDP - Source Port (3074:3074) - Destination Port (1:65535)XBOX DL 234587 UP/L 488233
  4. how come the R1 is getting updates before the xr500 thought it would of been older router last
  5. hi all everytime i poweron the series x i have to test nat type 2 times to get it from moderate to open any idears thx
  6. hi sorry didnt even see the the reply 3074 80 53 am still getting it on wired even when i change it from game/voice to WAN Games ConsoleXBOX D/L 90992 UP/L 213756 Normal default WAN
  7. hi is there anyway to stop jitters and. can anyone help just keep getting this on the ping under load way to high thanks
  8. tryed it m8 its the upload is double and a half of the download 😒 getting killed so fast its BS
  9. cheers m8 am wired ill give it a go
  10. hi all i play warzone i keep getting shot first doing my head in is this set wright looks like the download is way less than the upload not sure if this is wright any idears why am getting killed all the time i see them theb i shoot. then on the kill cam they get 2 seconds on my i dont shoot its bull been playing games for a long time am not bad BTW lol Traffic Prioritization Games ConsoleXBOX Series x D/L 420687 UP/L 1107138 Gaming / Voice
  11. thanks for the reply cool ,m8 look forward to it
  12. is the new firmware dropping this month for the XR500 thanks or any plans soon 😉
  13. and you m8 thanks for the fast reply happy new year
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