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  1. it worked perfectly! thank you guys for such quick responses, ive had so many inquiries these last few days!
  2. I have Xfinity and an Arris Surfboard
  3. I am using the latest firmware. And firefox.
  4. When i sign into my, none of my RAAPS will load, i have rebooted my router and they still wont load, my setup is Modem-Router-Router because my Netduma wont connect to my Modem. Any help?
  5. I can no sign into my router. So I think I’m SOL. But, I figured out the modem is an Arris Surfboard.
  6. Will do, I will be back with the results.
  7. Shooot. I dont know if it requires PPPoE but it is a ARRIS brand.
  8. I tried that. And unfortunately it still won’t connect to the internet.
  9. So, I bought a Netduma R2 a few months ago when I was living in the UK, and of course they sent me a UK version, no problem. Well, I just moved to America and as I plug in the router it won’t connect to the internet. I factory reset the router, and it still won’t work. Not detecting an internet connection, so I used my old router and the internet works perfectly. Is the netduma locked because it was a UK version, or am I completely missing something?
  10. Im also getting moderate connection, maybe thats the problem?
  11. so i actually have looked for a second, and they are only blocking servers outside of my zone. or it will block people within my zone, like a peer server not dedicated.
  12. yes, but on my servers if im hosting so their ping is 200, and if they host, my ping will be 200
  13. I cant connect to a lobby at all, and when it does kinda connect me, the server is either located where i ACTUALLY am or California where my friends are.
  14. So, i did exactly as you said, and it still wont allow me to connect to lobbies. It will load into a lobby, and then reset, I dont really understand why it does that.
  15. Okay. I will try everything you just stated. And I’ll be back with the outcome
  16. I try to host war zone lobbies as i live in the UK, everyone i play with lives in California so any east coast hosts are right in the middle, we both get 100 ping, when I'm playing duo's i can host lobbies and it will find one quickly, but when i play anything above duos it doesn't find lobbies at all, i have ping assist set to 0, strict checked and fast search checked, but it wont find lobbies at all. Any help would be awesome. I also attached images. Thank you!
  17. also, i pnged the host of the country i live in and its 50 ms, if i ping a host in america it shows 1 ping. I live in south Korea though.
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