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  1. also, i pnged the host of the country i live in and its 50 ms, if i ping a host in america it shows 1 ping. I live in south Korea though.
  2. Is there a reason i can't connect to someone that lives right above me? We both have the same internet provider
  3. Recently, when I play PS4 (usually on Xbox) my Nat type becomes “Type 2” no matter how many ports I forward to, no matter what I do, it stays moderate. I even tried GEO Filtering, yet, it stays moderate. Any help?
  4. Just tried with Firefox, still getting the same error code
  5. no, I only have tried from chrome, i will try from explorer real quick
  6. I downgraded from dumaOS without a problem. Recently wanted to go back to dumaOS but i continue to get this error code. Any help?
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