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  1. So... if you're playing on console do not... i Repeat do not use "QOS" i had qos off i meant off compared to on and it honestly felt like it's more stable and consistent compared to when it is on. Maybe it is just towards me, it felt more laggy when qos is enabled. i followed all steps with antibufferbloat and everything 70% to 70% on sliders, even adjusting the sliders and nothing worked. It just felt like a smooth router with qos off. i'm sorry to have to state this but for an expensive router, this router shouldn't be release yet!...
  2. after the recent update this issue still exist. when a device is offline and when trying to remove it, it states that it's still online. plus the Ethernet ports are still backwards. i understand that it doesn't affect performance but still for a expensive router when are these going to be addressed? not trying to be rude just confused.
  3. Disable SIP "ALG" or leave it as is?..
  4. is this the new update? i downloaded and install on router and it seem to be showing the same firmware version V2.3.2.40 New Features and Enhancements: Support France Free and Orange ISP of the IPTV configuration. Support GUI login weak password protection. Bug Fixes: Fixes security vulnerability issues. Fixes the issue that cannot detect and prioritize game traffic of Fortnite Fixes the issue that in traffic prioritization, it can't detect "league of legend" traffic and some other pc games, such as Apex Legend, Monster Hunter and Rainbow Six Siege. Fixes the issue that the speedtest download speed result will be limited at 500Mbps Firmware Update Instructions: Download Link : http://www.downloads.netgear.com/files/GDC/XR500/XR500-V2.3.2.56.zip
  5. i didn't slow them down even tho i had more bandwidth towards xbox one x, for example i had more bandwidth given to the X and i tried downloading a game on xbox one in the other room while i played on the x. i noticed that the download was pulling majority of bandwidth on the xbox one in the other room even tho i set the xbox one x to receive full priority. is this normal?.
  6. that's what i use every time when gaming, also if i set my console to 60 in bandwidth allocation download and upload higher then other devices connected, will i still receive priority over the rest of devices connected?. even if someone is downloading in the background that doesn't have higher percentage on the allocation?.
  7. what about when i'm not gaming?.. do i have to reset the sliders back to 100% on download and upload?. and also bandwidth allocation section, do i need to reset distribution every time i'm not gaming as well?. appreciate all the help.
  8. no not about download speed, just trying to figure out a sweet spot on the sliders. also how is the traffic prioritization information numbers suppose to behave?.
  9. only numbers changing rapidly that i see is the background ones, plus do i need that high of a upload speed? i changed from 70 upload to 20 in the qos settings for upload and download.
  10. i wouldn't say rapidly, more like the numbers move but not instantly.i'm bit confused. u want me to disable traffic prioritization? it's disabled now. also do i set ip address in the router settings to get automatically from isp or do i set to static ip address? all under internet setup in xr500 router. sorry that i'm all over the place, just don't know if my settings are right. if anything else i can have you see my settings through team view or so if it's necessary.
  11. when plugged in directly from pc to box not router i get these speeds below: and yes it seems to be the console only that's affected, as for the traffic prioritization rapidly updating, everything seems to be working properly when i have a download running in the background. the download and upload chart changes as the download is in process.
  12. It's usally my xbox one x if i'm gaming on it, if not it's my pc. I also have download slider set to 99% and upload slider set to 90%. With download set on 180mpbs and upload set on 90mpbs manually. ISP provides me 200 down and 100 up, so those are the numbers i input under qos download and upload bandwidth. doing speed test at speedtest,net i get results shown below. with only 3 devices connected to the xr500 router one with wireless and the rest using Ethernet. Under Bandwidth allocation download i have xbox one x with 80 and the rest at 10, with upload i have xbox one x with 40 and the rest with 30, this is all 3 devices connected with Share Excess both ticked on download and upload. Traffic Prioritization is always on default which is enabled. with these settings and doing speed test on xbox one x i get no near speeds unlike it's showing on pc. speeds i'm getting is 28 on download and 27 on upload with latency of 27 and 1% packet loss. if i'm connected directly from xbox to isp gigabyte Ethernet Bridge little box modem, it then shows speeds closer to the speed test website. I reset router by unplugging everything and then it starts working properly again for a short while. i don't know if this router needs update or if my settings aren't on bar yet.
  13. When doing speedtest after the qos is disabled i get normal speeds but when its enabled i get lower speeds and under Bandwidth Allocation its always ticked on both download and upload, i've been playing around with the sliders and trying to find a sweet spot.
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